Visa System

The visa stamping process involves fulfilling several requirements laid down by a country to allow visitors to legally enter and travel. The approach varies from country to country and is usually a multi-step process. Most often it involves filling in a detailed application which needs to be accompanied by several supporting documents. In some cases, additional steps are involved like interviews or biometrics.

Why You Need It

Going through the visa process is an essential step for a trip aboard. Adequate planning as well as meticulous attention to details is required to ensure that the application gets approved without any delay or issues.

Dependable Visa Services from BVS Global

The differing visa rules and norms among countries make it a tough ask for most of us. The complex process can cause anxiety and stress making it important to have up-to-date and accurate inputs about the process so as to eliminate the risk of rejection or delayed processing. We, at BVS, have an experienced team at hand which will guide you through the process, with accuracy and timeliness.

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BVS Global Services is a well-established company handling visa services across 80 countries. With a deep understanding of the defined processes we make sure that our clients get their visas without any hassle. Our support is end to end - in addition to visa stamping we also have the capabilities to manage other key parts of your travel including ticketing, hotel reservation, Travel Insurance & transportation.

With support from BVS you have the peace of mind that your visa application will get through without a hitch and you will receive the visa in no time.

Types of Visa

New Zealand Tourist Visa

New Zealand Visit Visa

New Zealand Family Visit Visa

New Zealand Business Visa

New Zealand Medical Visa


  • Original Passport & Visa (minimum validity of 3-6 months)
  • A letter of No objection from the Company/Residency Visa sponsor
  • Bank Statement (3-6 months with original bank stamp)
  • Two photograph with white background (recent)
  • Application form duly filled
  • Appointment from the Embassy/Consulate
  • Hotel reservation
  • A Travel Insurance certificate along with return ticket reservation

** Requirement might change as per the embassy/consulate’s discretion.

We support end to end assistance for your visa documentation for New Zealand.

Your document will be accepted by the Embassy of New Zealand for which the visa process was carried out. However, the decision of the issuance of visa will be decided solely by the embassy and that will be on the basis of the documents provided. Visa assistance is completely our responsibility and to make sure all the documents are ready before your date of appointment to let the process go easy and smooth for visa issuance.

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Acceptance or rejection of visa is solely based on discretion of the government authorities concerned. Furthermore, the requirements and processes may vary from time to time depending on the government department’s policies, terms and conditions. Please contact our customer service officer for updated fee structure and more information

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