Global Translation Service 

BVS Global is a legal translation company leads the industry in providing high-quality and accurate language translation services in over 150 languages. With a qualified and certified global team of linguists and subject matter professionals, BVS helps law firms, government agencies, corporations, and individuals to communicate and succeed in the global marketplace. Our expertise in country-specific regulations, global compliance, and practice areas sets us apart from other translation firms.

Our translators are native to the target language and have many years of proven translation experience. Our translators undergo a rigorous vetting process to ensure that their academic qualifications, translation experience, and subject matter expertise meet our strict standards.

Whether you need a single memo or a warehouse of documents translated, we can handle the work for you effectively and efficiently. Our translation service is affordable, and it’s within your budget. We have hundreds of certified translation professionals working in different languages to handle any project you have, from localization and advertising services to internal company documents to correspondence – and everything in-between. We are your one-stop shop!

Certified Quality Assurance

Professional Language Translation service is one of our main areas of expertise. Whether it’s a few paragraphs that need to be translated from one language to another or marketing or a website plan that needs a complex localization treatment, we have staff, expertise and resources to get the job done fast, within your budget, and – most importantly - accurately.

We handle everything from a simple memorandum to complicated product manuals, advertising copy or legal documents. We can turn small projects around in a very short time – sometimes as quickly as an hour – and even large-scale projects normally only take a few days.

Translation is what we do, and we do it perfectly. Whatever the kind of business you run or the fields you are, you will need a translation service and we’d like to be your concierge out there, making introductions in the local markets and making sure your message gets heard. Our objectives are simple; we offer the best certified translation services, on time, and within budget. There aren’t many companies out there that can do what we do.

 We have a global reputation, and we can work with you from anywhere in the world. If you are looking for translation services, give us a call so we can discuss what we can do for you.

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