ELM & PRO Services in UAE

ELM & PRO Services in UAE

Dubai is among the top investor-friendly destinations in the world to start a business. However, extensive paperwork and proper documentation to the relevant authorities is a must. Being a foreigner, understanding the rules, accessing Arabic translated documents, being aware of currency rates, and other constraints can be difficult to get around. In addition, doing the documentation and getting approvals can be time-consuming for investors. Besides, any lapse or negligence from the business establishment may invite penalties and fines from the concerned authorities.

To help set up and manage all the new business formalities, making use of PRO services in UAE is a must for a hassle-free experience. BVS Global is a registered PRO service provider in Dubai and offers a single-window solution for all the activities of company formation. We have a skilled and well-trained team of PROs offering the best services in a systematic manner and to speed up the formalities. We cater to new and established companies in UAE and guide entrepreneurs in LLC, free zone, and offshore company setup.

How Can We Assist?

Our clients take advantage of our in-depth expertise and experience in the industry for help with crucial tasks in company formation and complying with government regularities. Our reliable and trustworthy PRO service helps reduce the risk of unnecessary fines and setbacks while strengthening your core business competencies and stimulating faster growth. Hiring BVS Global offers you the following benefits –

Knowledgeable and Experienced Team

As a PRO service provider for decades, BVS Global is well-informed about the latest norms and regulations in company formation, free zone policies, and visa applications, among other things. Our team would also provide timely reminders of form submissions, renewals, cancellations, visa applications, and other things related to your company.


We cater to businesses of all sizes, and the requirement of each company is different. Whether you are a small, medium, or large business, we can personalize our services to meet your PRO services UAE requirements. We maintain complete confidentiality with the documents submitted by you.

Excellent Coordination
with Agencies

Company formation in UAE is a serious affair and requires multiple legal procedures and approvals from different Ministries and agencies. Our PRO UAE consultants have a cordial relationship with the legislative bodies in the country and relevant authorities and coordinate with them to fast-track your application without unnecessary delays.

Reduced Hassles

For business owners, time is money. Hiring our PRO team in Dubai allows your business to clear all legal and business requirements within the targeted time frame. Our single-window solution for your company formation will help set up your business in UAE and also keep it running efficiently. While you handle core business activities, our team will handle other administrative, visa processing, and different allied PRO services in UAE.

Save valuable time

In the modern world, time is money. At BVS Global, we help you to save valuable time which is an asset in today’s world. Hiring our PRO team in Dubai helps you to meet all the legal compliances without delays.

Secure and transparent

Choosing us as your PRO service provider means that all your credentials are in safe hands. The entire process is secure. We believe in maintaining complete transparency with you at each stage.

Our PRO Services in UAE

BVS Global offers a full spectrum of professional PRO Services in the UAE. We have a panel of experts with extensive knowledge of government rules and legal procedures to deliver PRO services in UAE, including, but not limited to –

Company Registration & Trade License

Before starting a business in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE, you will need to acquire a trade license to register your company. It can be a lengthy and time-consuming process to get approval for a trade license for a new company in UAE. Our professional PROs help make the entire trade license process easy and hassle-free. In addition, we ensure timely renewal of the trade license by fulfilling all the conditions and terms laid down by the concerned authorities. We also offer deactivation of trade licenses as a service in the UAE if you want to wrap your business for any reason.

Documents Clearance

For the formation of a company, there are many different documents that need to be prepared and attested before submitting them to the concerned department. The preparation and attestation process of different documents will vary, and these need to be submitted within a deadline. We have the resources, skills, and experience to prepare the documents and get them attested according to their legal requirements. Our team will also submit these to the government departments like the Notary, Ministry of Justice, Foreign Affairs, Chamber of Commerce, Dubai Municipality, and others within the deadline.


Processing of different types of visas will vary depending on your company formation requirement. From visit visa for initially entering the UAE to investor visa and employment visa, you will need to apply for a visa when you are in the UAE. Once your company is formed, you will need employee visas for your employees. The process for applying for different visas is different, and that is why visa processing services are included in our PRO UAE services. We assist you in providing timely processing of new visas and renewal of old visas and cancellation of visas to ensure it does not negatively affect your business.

Discuss your queries with our PRO Service expert today

PRO services in Dubai help you set up your company in the UAE quickly and perform different time-consuming procedures like processing visas, business trade licenses, permits, and other requirements on your behalf. A company offering PRO services in UAE provides document clearing guidance pertaining to immigration, economic, and labor departments.

Yes. If you are a foreign investor and have no knowledge or experience of setting up a business in the UAE, hiring a knowledgeable and experienced local PRO service provider in the UAE can help meet all the legal compliances without delays.

Over the years, we have worked with numerous international investors and have provided them with smart solutions that are good for their company. We take the time to understand your specific needs if you are looking to set your operations in the UAE. Hiring the best PRO services in UAE not only helps your company save time, money, and stress but it also provides you with a growth partner to help streamline your business and offer support for expanding your business further.

The cost will depend on the type of business and where you wish to start your business in Dubai. For the actual cost, contact our consultants at BVS Global.

PRO services include many different activities related to the paperwork and processing of government documents like trade licenses documentation, labor cards, visa applications, and others.

Ajman Media City is one of the cheapest free zones in UAE. The free zone allows investors to set up their businesses in varied industries at the lowest cost.

Free zones are geographically demarcated areas in the UAE, allowing foreigners to set up new businesses and allow 100% ownership of the company.