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The United Kingdom is one of the top destinations to immigrate to for students and skilled workers from around the world, including UAE. More and more people from UAE are looking to relocate to other countries, including the UK, and the best way to do it is with the help of professional UK immigration consultants in Dubai.

Migrating to the UK from Dubai needs careful planning, and BVS Global offers superior UK immigration services in Dubai. Our deep knowledge of UK immigration processes and policies in UAE allows us to counsel you on the necessary requirements to help increase your chances of successful application. Our UK immigration consultants can help you with a variety of different UK immigration services, including, UK sole representative visa, visit visa, student visa, skilled immigration, business immigration, student visa, family sponsorship, and others.

Planning to migrate to the UK from Dubai?- BVS Global is Here to Help

UK immigration laws are complicated. We see a lot of people completing the visa application forms on their own, only to hit a deadlock. By then, they have already suffered either denial of their visa or unnecessary delays that can cause a dent in their future prospects.

If you are planning to migrate to the UK from Dubai, the best way to ensure good results is to make use of professional immigration services. BVS Global is one of the leading UK immigration consultants in Dubai. When you choose our company to handle your visa application, you can rest assured that your application is in qualified hands.

Immigration to the UK from UAE Process Requirements

Our experienced team of consultants will handle your case from start to finish. We will personally guide you through the entire process – right from the day you engage our services till you receive your visa.

Initial Consultation and Eligibility Assessment

The first step involves the collection of data to analyse the facts about your case. Our consultants will assess your case to determine if you meet the eligibility for the visa you are applying for.

Document Gathering and Submission

The next step is for you to collect and forward all relevant documents to us. We will provide you with a list of all the documents needed for your visa application. We will prepare your visa application to the highest professional standards and submit them to the appropriate government agency.

Continued Monitoring and Interview Preparation

Once we have submitted your visa application, we will keep you updated on the status of your application. We will answer any questions you might have and also provide pre-interview preparation services to ensure you are fully prepared for the crucial step in your visa application process. We will ensure you not only have all the documents you need but are confident and understand all the questions you might be asked.

Visa Interview and Approval

We will provide you with information about your visa interview, and our representative will be available to answer any questions on the day of your interview.

How Can Our UK Immigration Consultants in Dubai Assist?

Our consultants have a deep understanding of the entire UK immigration policies. They can offer superior guidance and counsel you on the legal requirements to help increase your chances of securing the visa.

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    Saves Time and Money

    Applying the wrong type of visa or making minor mistakes can not only delay your application for months but also cause financial loss. You can spend weeks looking for information on the internet, but hiring us as your UK immigration consultant can help you sail through the entire process easier.

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    Ease of Communication with the UK Government

    Looking for answers from the concerned authorities can sometimes take days, and even then, you may not get satisfactory responses. The immigration process is complicated, and there are chances of you receiving wrong information. Our consultants have all the right connections and help get the answers you need efficiently.

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    Personal Attention

    We understand what it takes to get an immigration visa successfully. Our consultant takes the time to understand your needs and help you avoid any traps when it comes to the immigration process. We keep ourselves updated on the latest policy changes and will work with you to ensure your success.

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    Deal with Roadblocks - Immigration to the UK from UAE

    requires patience and attention to detail. We track your application and ensure your documents are up to date and in line with what the authorities require. In case of a problem, our consultants will sort out the problem on your behalf. If a decision is made against you, we will work towards an appeal.

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    Upholds Your Privacy

    Even though online forums and blogs offer answers to many UK immigration questions, such as how to migrate to the UK from UAE, there are certain personal questions that are impossible to ask at an open forum. Our consultants provide you with a safe environment for you to ask personal questions related to your family, medical condition, employment status, and others while ensuring your privacy.

Types of UK Immigration Services in Dubai

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    Family-Based Visa

    Family visa is issued to Dubai residents and immigrants in Dubai looking to meet their family members who are already staying in the UK. The visa is available to parents, children, fiancé, partner, spouse or proposed civil partner. The validity of such a visa can be more than six months.

  • Sole Representative Visa

    Sole representative visas are meant for shareholders and employers of an overseas business to establish a subsidiary or branch in the UK. Our consultants can help you secure a sole representative visa.

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    Employment-Based Visa

    Employment visas are provided to non-European immigrants looking to work in the UK. The employment-based visa is one of the most difficult ones to get. Only high-end professionals from Dubai are offered employment visas with valid job offers from UK-based companies.

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    Student Visa

    If you have enrolled in a short-term or long-term course in the UK, you need to obtain a student visa. Our consultants will provide you with assistance and also help you apply for the student visa so that you can get it quickly, given you meet the minimum immigration requirements.

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    Citizenship Application

    If you are from EEA, EU, or Switzerland and have lived in the UK for five years, you can apply for permanent residence status. Not filling up the forms or not submitted the necessary document can lead to the rejection of your citizen application. Our experienced consultants can offer professional advice and make your migration dream come true.

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    Entrepreneur Visa

    Entrepreneur visas allow you to set up, take over a business or run a company in the UK. Creating a new start up in the UK is quite an attractive option for skilled individuals and investors to take up residence in the UK. But it involves a lot of paperwork and can be a big task to undertake. Our immigration consultant can help process your documents and application with ease and without any hassles.

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    Child Visa

    If your child is under the age of 18, you can sponsor your child so they can come and live with you in UAE. Our consultants can help you apply for a Child Visa in a hassle-free manner.

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    Visa Extension

    If your visa is due to expire while you are in the UK, we can help you apply for a visa extension without you having to travel back to the UAE. Our consultants will ensure the proper completion of the necessary documents in a timely manner.

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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

To apply for UK immigration from Dubai, you need to follow these steps –
Determine if you need a UK visa.
Pick the appropriate type of UK visa to apply to.
Gather all the necessary documents, fill the visa application and submit it.
Schedule an interview & biometric submission and attend it for the UK visa.

The amount of money needed to migrate to the UK will depend on the type of visa you are seeking. For a more customised list of fees and charges, get in touch with one of our UK immigration consultants in the UAE.

There are certain UK visas, such as the UK working visas, that are restricted based on your age. But, it does not prevent many people from migrating to the UK from UAE as a dependant. So, check with our consultant to give you in-depth information and to help you determine your age can be a hindrance to getting a visa to the UK.

Yes, even if you do not have a job, you can migrate to the UK if you can support yourself, you are a European Citizen or born to British parents. Also, if you qualify for any of the following visas, you can migrate to the UK easily –
UK Ancestry
Spousal Visa
Student Visa
Sole representative visa
Exceptional Talent
And others

One of the easiest ways to immigrate to the UK is to get the Innovator visa and set up your own business in the UK. You can get ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain) status in 3 years and apply for citizenship after just one year of obtaining your ILR status.

If you wish to migrate from the UK to UAE, reach out to out immigation consultants at BVS Global. We guide you through the process so you can immigrate with minimal hassles.

The minimum qualification needed to migrate to the UK from Dubai –
Applicants should be above the age of 16 years depending on different visa criteria
Proof of enough finances during the initial days of stay in the UK

If you want to increase your chances of getting your UK visa approved from Dubai, hiring an immigration consultant is worth it. They provide valuable guidance that makes the entire visa application process easier.