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Degree Certificate Apostille | Attestation in India

A Degree Certificate is an academic credential issued by the University once you have completed your graduation or masters course. The degree certificate issued to you is a proof that you have successfully completed your Bachelor’s or Master’s course. Although this certificate would be valid anywhere in India, a degree certificate apostille is needed if you are planning to move to a foreign nation. Apostille is a must if you are looking to go abroad for higher education or employment purposes.

Degree certificate apostille is nothing but stamping or attesting the certificate to be valid in a foreign country. The process of apostille is required if the destination country that you are looking to migrate to is a Hague Convention country. The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) is the sole government body that has the authority to issue an apostille stamp. For apostille of your degree certificate, a stamp is affixed at the back. This stamp has a unique code using which any of the member nations of the Hague Convention can check the authenticity of the degree certificate. Degree certificate apostille is a mandatory process that you need to go through if you are looking to relocate to any of the Hague Convention countries. In simple terms, Apostille is an attestation that is accepted globally by foreign countries who are members of the Hague Convention. There are a total of 117 countries that are a part of the Hague Convention across the globe.

For getting a degree certificate apostille (valid for Hague Convention countries)
If your destination country is not a Hague nation, then you would have to go through the following three stages for completion of apostille of your degree certificate.
Requirements for degree certificate apostille
  1. Original degree certificate
  2. Photocopy of degree certificate
  3. Photocopy of passport



Our Process and Requirements

At BVS Global, we follow a systematic procedure to make things convenient for the applicants to obtain a birth certificate apostille.

Step #1. Knowing your destination country

Before starting with the process, it is essential for us to know which state you belong to and the destination country which you are looking to relocate to. Once this is known, we can proceed with the apostille of your degree certificate. If the country is a member of the Hague Convention, then the degree certificate must first go for authentication to the HRD (Higher Education) department of the state from where it was issued. Only after authentication from the state, the MEA will apostille the degree certificate. However, if your destination country is not a member of the Hague Convention, an additional authentication needs to be obtained from the Embassy.

Step #2. Collection of documents

Our executive collects all the necessary documents required for apostille from your home. We call and fix up a time convenient for you. As an alternative, you can also drop the necessary documents to our office at a time suitable for you.

Step #3. Verification of documents

Once we receive the documents, we check whether everything is proper and all documents are correct. We do this to avoid any hassles later on in the process.

Step #4. State level attestation

After the documents are successfully verified and checked by our team, we proceed with the HRDA attestation from the state where the certificate was issued.

Step #5. MEA Apostille

Once the state level attestation is completed, we submit it to the MEA for apostille stamping. The MEA stamps only those certificates that have been authenticated by the state.

Step #6. Tracking and keeping you updated

We keep a track on the degree certificate apostille through a unique identification number that we receive when we submit your form online. We let you know the status of your application and when the degree certificate apostille will reach you.

Our role

How can we assist?

Getting a degree certificate apostille is not an easy task at all. Here is where the skilled expertise and knowledge of BVS Global comes into play. If you are planning to relocate overseas for further studies or job opportunities, a degree certificate apostille is something which you cannot overlook. Here are some of the ways in which BVS Global can assist individuals in getting their degree certificate apostille done easily without any hassles.
Making the entire process easy and convenient
At BVS Global, we make the entire process of degree certificate apostille extremely easy and convenient from start to end. Right from filling up the form to getting the apostille certificate to you, we do everything with a professional approach. Our top-notch services eliminate all complexities from the apostille process.
Faster response time
We respond to all your queries and concerns within a short time frame. At BVS Global, we believe in providing solutions quickly.
Charges communicated upfront
Our payment structure is quite reasonable and affordable. We are not here to overcharge customers. Instead, we follow a fixed pricing structure which is communicated to you upfront before we take up the apostille job. With BVS Global, there are no hidden charges or extra charges for any service opted by you.
Trained staff to handle your documents
We have experienced and trained staff to handle your original degree certificate. We ensure that the confidentiality is maintained just between you and us. Your original documents are safe with us.
No external agency or third-party involvement
While most other companies outsource the apostille work to a third-party, we do everything on our own, right from online applications to delivering you the degree certificate apostille on time