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Global Mobility.

Despite the fact that talent knows no boundaries, global relocation is becoming increasingly complex with each passing day. The new rules and regulation being formulated for relocation across various countries make things quite difficult for individuals looking to relocate to another country. This is where BVS Global plays a pivotal role.

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Why choose us for reliable Global Mobility Services ?

BVS Global is a leading international relocation services company that is capable of handling your move to any destination in the world.

Fixed pricing

At BVS Global, all our global relocation services are budget friendly. We also have a fixed price policy in place as we are strictly against bargaining. Whatever the charges are, we communicate everything upfront to prevent any hassles later on. There are no hidden charges or extra charges that we levy.

Tailor-made relocation plans

We design customized global relocation plans that best suit your requirements. We understand that your requirements are different from the others, so are our relocation plans.  We don’t follow a one size fits all approach when it comes to global relocation services.

Single point of contact

BVS Global is a single point of contact for all your relocation needs. Whether you are looking out for Visa application or customs clearance, we take care of everything

Personalized touch

All our global relocation services have a personalized touch to them. We deliver the highest level of service with passion and commitment when any relocation services are concerned.

State-of-the-art technology

We are able to streamline your entire global relocation through the use of state-of-the-art technology. This makes things relatively simple, easy, and fast both for you as well as us.

Strong global network

We have a robust global network and strategic collaboration with various partners in all countries across the globe. This is how we are able to manage relocations so quickly and seamlessly.

Why choosing our Global Mobility services is useful for you ?

#1. Globalization

The first crucial step in any global relocation is knowing your requirements. From which country are you moving? Where are you moving to? How soon do you wish to relocate? What is the purpose behind your relocation? Who else would accompany you in the journey?

#2. Ease of movement

Once we get to know your requirements, a dedicated relocation expert assesses and analyses your requirements. After the assessment is complete, he/she chalks out a customized global relocation plan best suited for you. Once the plan is ready, it is shared with you along with a proposal from our end which has the pricing structure too. You are free to modify our plan if you feel the need to add or remove certain services from the list. We let you make an informed choice on the services you want to opt for.

#3. Tailored Services

Once you have finalized the relocation plan and given us the green signal, we proceed with the implementation part. We allot a dedicated and experienced move manager to you who along with his/her team would be taking care of the implementation and management of the relocation plan. He/she would guide you through the entire relocation process, thus eliminating the stress and burden from your shoulders.

#4. Professional Services

Right from start to end, we handle everything professionally to make your geographic move less complicated. We provide you regular updates regarding the status of various relocation services opted by you either on the call or email. This means that you are aware of all the latest happenings.

Our whole range of reliable Global Mobility Services

We deliver innovative, bespoke end-to-end global relocation services tailored to suit your needs. No matter which place in the world you are looking to relocate, we have the skilled expertise to handle all your relocation needs.

Global Mobility services

Travel coordination & Immigration services

Home search and finding

Property management & Insurance services

Pet relocation

Airport meet and greet

Corporate relocations

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Our Frequently Asked Questions

BVS Global has years of experience in handling attestation of valuable certificates and documents legitimately, keeping in mind the security concerns and customer requirements.

How BVS Global helps your relocation plan?

Our end-to-end global relocation services help individuals, families, as well as employees of organizations to relocate to any destination in any country around the world. At BVS Global, we make it a point to make sure that all your relocation needs are taken care of with your minimal involvement. This means that you can focus on your work or spend valuable time with your family while we do everything for you.

Which are the international relocation services BVS Global offers?

We offer a plethora of global relocation services to people located in any country. Our international relocation services include the following, but are not restricted to:

  • Travel coordination
  • Immigration
  • Visa acquisition
  • Home search and finding
  • Finding the right school
  • Property management
  • Short term accommodation
  • Mobility consulting
  • Pet relocation
  • Insurance services
  • Customs clearance
  • Rental assistance
  • Language training
  • Cultural understanding
  • Packing
  • Car hire
How does BVS Global simplify the process of Global relocation?

Global relocation involves various rules and regulations across different countries, making it complex. With our presence across many countries, BVS Global simplifies this process by offering fixed pricing, customized relocation plans, and acting as a single point of contact for all relocation needs. Additionally, we employ state-of-the-art technology and have a strong global network to streamline the relocation process.


How does BVS Global ensure transparency in pricing for their global mobility services?

BVS Global follows a fixed pricing policy and communicates all charges upfront to prevent any surprises later on. We do not levy hidden or extra charges, ensuring transparency in pricing for all our relocation services.


Can clients modify the relocation plan according to their specific needs?

Yes, clients have the flexibility to modify the relocation plan proposed by BVS Global. They can add or remove certain services from the plan according to their preferences, so that they receive a customized solution that meets their relocation requirements.