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Marriage Apostille & Attestation

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Marriage Certificate Apostille and Attestation Services

The word ‘Apostille’ refers to a sticker or certificate given by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) in order to prove the authenticity of a document in a foreign country. Marriage Certificate Apostille is nothing but the legalization of your marriage certificate to confirm its credibility overseas.

Just like every person living in India gets a birth certificate which is a proof of birth, a marriage certificate is a legal proof of marriage. However, if you are planning to immigrate overseas on a work visa or employment visa or spouse dependent visa, the authorities in the foreign country would need a proof to confirm your marriage. 

This is where a Marriage Certificate Apostille plays a crucial role in proving the authenticity of your document in an overseas country. If you wish to apply for a temporary or permanent residency abroad, Marriage Certificate Apostille is mandatory.

Marriage Certificate Apostille is required for those countries that are a part of the Hague Convention. There are 117 countries that are a part of the Hague Apostille Convention. If you are married and planning to shift with your spouse to any of the Hague Convention countries, Marriage Certificate Apostille is a must.

Marriage Certificate Apostille involves affixing an apostille stamp or sticker on the back of the original marriage certificate. The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) is the only authorized body to issue apostille stamps for documents in India. The Marriage Certificate Apostille stamp issued by the MEA is unique and has a unique identification number. Using this identification number, any member nation of the Hague Convention can check for the genuineness of the certificate.

Although getting a Marriage Certificate Apostille appears to be easy on paper, it is not that easy in reality. It involves dealing with various government departments and agencies. In order to make things convenient, BVS Global offers exceptional marriage certificate Apostille services.


Our Process and Requirements

Step #1. Knowing the country that you are planning to move to

The process and requirements of the Marriage Certificate Apostille depend on the country that you are planning to immigrate to. In case you are planning to move to a country that is a part of the Hague Convention, the MEA apostille can be obtained only after State Verification or SDM (Sub-divisional Magistrate) verification is done. If the country you are planning to migrate to is a non-Hague nation, the process is quite a tedious one. It needs to first pass through state attestation, followed by the MEA apostille, and legalization from the Embassy of the destination country.

Step #2. Choice between State Attestation or SDM Attestation

At BVS Global, we let you make an informed decision between State Attestation or SDM Attestation. State attestation is done by the authorized person of that state from where the marriage certificate has been issued. This involves the applicant to pass through various government departments and agencies. State attestation would need about one month for completion. On the other hand, SDM attestation involves attestation of the marriage certificate by the Sub-divisional Magistrate. SDM attestation is faster and takes place in about 4 days to one week.

Step #3. Pricing

At BVS Global, we explain to you the pricing structure of the entire marriage certificate apostille. We break down the pricing structure into various steps. The pricing structure is fixed and includes the charges of the government agencies too.

Step #4. Collection of marriage certificate and state level attestation

Once you have given us the green signal, we proceed with the process of state attestation or SDM attestation as opted by you. Our executive would collect the original marriage certificate from your residence or office at a pre-fixed time. You can also send the marriage certificate to our office. Once the certificate is collected, we check the authenticity of it from the concerned government department. Once our check is completed, we pass it ahead. Our team works hard to ensure that the state level attestation is completed as soon as possible.

Step #5. Apostille marriage certificate

Once the state/SDM attestation is done, we approach the MEA for apostille. We persistently follow-up with the MEA officials to make sure that you receive the marriage certificate apostille in the shortest possible time.

Step #6. Update

We update you consistently with regards to the status of your application and when you will receive the apostille marriage certificate.

Our role

How can we assist?

BVS Global is a leading provider of Apostille services of various documents and not limited to marriage certificates alone. There are several companies providing Apostille services in the market. However, we have some USPs that make us different from the rest. The following points highlight how our Marriage Certificate Apostille services can assist you.
Reasonable pricing
At BVS Global, all our services including marriage certificate apostille are reasonably priced. This is because we don’t believe in taking an exorbitantly high amount for our services from our clients. Our prices at budget friendly. At the same time, we follow a fixed pricing structure as we don’t like bargaining.
Eliminate the complexities
Our specialized apostille services eliminate all the complexities. Going in for a marriage certificate apostille is quite a challenge if you want to do it on your own and don’t have any idea about the exact process. This is because it requires you to deal to various government departments and agencies which is a tedious task. BVS Global does this on your behalf and eliminates all complexities.
Door step services
No matter where you are located, our trained executives will always be there at your doorstep to collect the documents at a time suitable for you which is prefixed.
Complete transparency

We maintain complete transparency in all our apostille services from start to end. There is a designated manager from our end who communicates with you and gives you all the necessary updates.

Save valuable time
Our Apostille services help people in saving valuable time which they can invest in doing something more productive while we take care of the marriage certificate apostille for them.