Immigration & Citizenship

Immigration & Citizenship

In today’s world, the increasing immigration complexities like new laws, policies, documentations, where to apply, application procedure, etc. have made it quite difficult for individuals to apply for a Visa on their own. This is where immigration services from BVS Global are there to guide you through the entire immigration process. At BVS Global, we aim to remove the complexity out of the immigration process and make the process seamless and hassle-free for you.

BVS Global is an established name in the immigration services industry. Right from the time we started, we have assisted diverse clientele from various countries across the globe. Even though we are based in India, we have assisted ten of thousands of people, from various backgrounds to migrate to their preferred destinations around the world. We have a highly skilled, experienced yet friendly team on-board to take care of all your immigration requirements.

BVS Global is well versed with the latest guidelines, rules and protocols of different countries – India, UAE, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Australia, and many more. Our experts are there to solve all your queries and clear all your doubts with crystal clear answers.

High success rate

We are well aware of the immigration procedure of different countries and follow all the rules to ensure the best of you. Our process helps you get approved faster and without any hassles. We have a near perfect success ratio for the applications submitted by us and the Visas granted approval.

Affordable services

BVS Global is popular not just in India but across the globe for providing top-notch immigration services at affordable prices. We don’t charge anything extra and there are no hidden charges as well. We are extremely transparent when it comes to the charges and believe in communicating everything upfront.

Personalized client service

Our team of experts would be in direct contact with you over phone, email, live chat, or video call. We don’t follow a one size fits all approach. All our immigration services have a personalized touch.

Tips and tricks

Our immigration consultant ensures you do not miss out on important things or do something that might affect your reputation in front of the officials. We give our clients the right tips and tricks to clear the interview with the visa officials.

Simplified Solutions

Many applicants look up things online and get incorrect information. Not everyone shares the legal regulations, rules, and clauses on their platform. We are the right source of up-to-date information and prevent you from making devastating mistakes. Our consultants will help navigate you through all the details of paperwork and the legalities.

Avoid Delays

The migration process is quite complicated, and if you are doing the paperwork for the first time, chances are you will make some mistakes. Even a small mistake can cause your application to be delayed and be questioned by the immigration officer. Our migration consultants are experienced and will get you through the confusing parts. We ensure your application form is filled correctly and you get approval on time.

Immigration services we offer

Start-up Visa

Work Visa

Student Visa

Business Visa

Family Visa

Citizenship applications

Temporary resident Visa

Parents and grandparents Visa

Visa renewals and extension

Discuss your queries with our Immigration expert today

If you want to go to your dream country for studies, job or even for setting up a new business, we are there to assist you from start to end. Our best-in-class services help you immigrate to your dream destination. We transform your dream of going to a foreign country into a reality. We have a highly skilled, experienced yet friendly team on-board to take care of all your immigration requirements.

BVS Global is a certified and experienced immigration services company in India. We have a proven track record when it comes to helping clients not just locally in India but in other countries as well. We believe in building a long-term association with all our clients. This is the reason why clients refer their family and friends to us if they need immigration services.

The immigration services facilitated by us at various stages are delineated below

  • Our expert consultants will guide and prepare your documents
  • Assist & guide you in educational credential assessment, for certain countries we can perform it on your behalf
  • We will advise you on the best approach for describing your work experience and assist you to select right work experience.
  • Advise and assist you on the process for procuring Police clearance certificate and medical certificate as and when required by the Government Authorities
  • Provide you with regular updates of PR application on a regular basis

We offer legal orientations for the public to learn about the following topics and more:

  • Common forms of immigration relief
  • Know your rights information
  • Recent changes in immigration law
  • Immigration court proceedings
  • Legal and other resources in the community for immigrants

Canada is generally considered one of the top countries for migrants in the world due to its economic and social health. Canada has one of the highest per capital rates of immigration in the world and is an attractive destination for immigrants and visitors.

Work in any part of Canada

You will have the lawful right to stay and work in the country! If you start off in Ontario but you find a better job in Montreal, you can move to the job location. Permanent residents are not bound to to a definite employer or a definite province.

Access to universal healthcare and social service.

You get Free medical care, all permanent residents have access to Canada’s healthcare and social services.

Sponsor your spouse and children’s

Permanent resident, are allowed to sponsor spouse, common-law partner, and dependent children in Canada. It is better to include your family on your initial application so you won’t have to sponsor them later on but in both case you can take your family with you

You can be a Canadian citizen

By being a permanent resident, you take one step closer to become a Canadian citizen. Once you stay in Canada for  three out of five years, You are eligible to become a citizen!

Life long validity

Once you receive a permanent residency, the status will be not be changed as per Law for life long, unless serious crime is committed or you fail to meet your residency obligation. You can renew your residency once you meet the minimum stay criteria.

Australia is a country with vast employment opportunities and scenic landscapes and long beaches. Major cities of Australia are Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Perth, and Melbourne. Needless to say, people from all over the world want to move to Australia for career enhancement, growth and security. The values of Australia are also diverse as the population of this country is a great mix of multi-ethnic backgrounds which welcomes and can be a home for all.

Australia welcomes many immigrants throughout the year and become home for many. If you are planning to migrate soon for career enhancement or better quality of life, Australia should be your first option given the country’s vast opportunity and flair.