Immigration Support Services

BVS Global offers a wide range of visa immigration counseling and representation to immigrants and their families. We help clients understand the immigration law, learn their rights under the law, and to complete the immigration process effectively. Our staff includes fully-accredited immigration professionals, attorneys, translators, and case managers.

We offer low-cost assistance to obtain immigrant visas, naturalization (citizenship) applications, adjustment of status to legal permanent residency, asylum, special immigrant status, temporary visas, non-immigrant visas, deferred action applications, consular processing, renewals, work permit renewals, affidavits of support, etc.

We take all the required government documents for your situation and turn them into simple questions you can answer online within a few hours. Complete your immigration application at your convenience. No more stress with paperwork. We offer legal orientations for the public to learn about the following topics and more:

• Common forms of immigration relief.

• Know your rights information.

• Recent changes in immigration law.

• Immigration court proceedings.

• Legal and other resources in the community for immigrants.

Immigration Assistance Services for Unaccompanied Immigrants

We offer immigration and holistic case management to unaccompanied immigrants who have been reunified with family or sponsors. In addition to legal representation, these immigrants often arrive having faced disturbing experiences in their home countries and need social support. We offer case management and assessments to identify immigrant’s special needs and connect them with appropriate resources to ensure their safety and protection.

Our immigration support service experts provide affordable immigration services to everyone regardless of their religion, race, sex, or background. The program offers assistance with applications such as adjustment of status, affidavit of support, replacement of immigration documents, naturalization, change of status, extension of non-immigrant visas, political asylum, petitions for family reunification and immigration services. For no additional fee, you get an independent immigration attorney who will review your application and answer all of your questions.

 BVS Global is with you until the finish line, helping you respond to government questions and preparing you for your in-person interview. Please contact us to let us know if you are interested in visa immigration service.

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