Background Verification Services in UAE

Background Verification Services in UAE

In the modern age, hiring is completed at a fast pace by many startups and even large corporates. However, no recruitment process is complete without a proper background verification of the candidate to be hired. Even though everything may appear to be in-line with the prerequisites for the position, there may be undisclosed information. This crucial information needs to be brought to light before hiring an employee.

No organization would like to hire a terminated employee or a candidate with a criminal background. This is exactly where background verification services from BVS Global come into play. In today’s world, where the HR department of various organizations are looking to close positions fast, the HR manager may not have enough time to perform background checks. Well, background verification and screening is a completely different process and requires skilled expertise. This is the reason why small businesses as well as corporates in UAE hire us to conduct proper background verification of candidates that they are looking to on-board.

Expert guidance

Industry professionals who have been conducting these checks for years will present you with all the information that can allow you to make the best decision for a potential employee. A good company will check the employee thoroughly, right from education and family background to their behavior at their previous workplace. This will give a holistic picture of the company.

Save costs

Conducting a check on your own might be costly and time-consuming. Outsourcing this service can save your time and therefore will also cost less for you in the long run. Having a third party run checks and inspections will be more beneficial for your company as these checks will be unbiased and secure.

Save your reputation

Hiring even a single bad employee can severely tarnish your reputation. In case the employee goes rogue or cause major losses to the company, your organization will be deemed responsible. The process of recruiting and selecting an employee in itself is very time-consuming and costly. You want to make sure that you do not choose any bad apples. Outsourcing verification makes this task easier for you as a third party is able to meticulously check a potential employee’s past and can ensure that you only make the right choice.

Education Verification

We authenticate academic records like qualifications and certificates submitted by candidates, from the respective colleges or universities and if we require attest it.

Employment Check

We assist with comprehensive check of an employee’s past performance and if the furnished details are accurate, i.e. employment tenure, designation, grade etc.

Criminal Record Check

Investigate for any history of crime through respective government bodies.

References Verification

To include in-depth reference from the referees sponsored by the candidate.

Social Media Checks

A professional social media check reduces risks to brand, reputation, confidentiality breach and data security. The check identifies a candidate’s online presence to look for negative behaviours such as bullying, racism, nudity and excessive bad language. It also identifies potential privacy issues, such as leaking information, and content that could potentially damage your organisation’s reputation. By using a third-party partner to carry out your social media checks professionally, you’ll get an objective, compliant, complete and consistent assessment of your candidate. Our professional social media checks are designed and built to protect a candidate’s privacy and trust

Various other checks

There are many candidates in the market who are taking help of fake degrees and false employment certificates to secure jobs. BVS Global helps organizations identify these candidates through various checks like Residential Address Verification, Credit Score Verification, Passport Authentication, Identity Check etc before they are appointed for the job.

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Employees are the face of any company be it is senior management or junior level, your company is only as good as your employees since they are facet of your business to clients and to the community at large, so ideally company should only trust the employee after verification services.

Most of the companies discover it later after they have hired a critical resource with significant discrepancies in their resumes like forged academic certificates, fabricated experience certificates or Police clearances which can cause serious harm to the brand and reputation of an organization.

Employee verification is the process of conducting background checks on potential employees. There are several risks for companies when hiring a new employee and a background check is the best way to mitigate these risks.

BVS Global offer tailor made strategies for our customer and the scope is not limited but trace all the horizons of background verification. Our Global presence with Deep-rooted industry knowledge helps us to recognize present gaps in the existing processes and overcome it with trade proficiency.  Our practical heads and diligent operational teams ensure reports are delivered with high grade of accuracy and ratified service level agreements.  Our certifications and recognition’s showcase our excellence in the domain our background verification.