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In the modern age, hiring is completed at a fast pace by many startups and even large corporates. However, no recruitment process is complete without a proper background verification of the candidate to be hired. Even though everything may appear to be in-line with the prerequisites for the position, there may be undisclosed information. This crucial information needs to be brought to light before hiring an employee.

No organization would like to hire a terminated employee or a candidate with a criminal background. This is exactly where background verification services from BVS Global come into play. In today’s world, where the HR department of various organizations are looking to close positions fast, the HR manager may not have enough time to perform background checks. Well, background verification and screening is a completely different process and requires skilled expertise. This is the reason why small businesses as well as corporates in UAE hire us to conduct proper background verification of candidates that they are looking to onboard.

Looking for Verification Services in Dubai? – BVS Global is Here to Help

In today’s world, where cases of frauds and cheating are quite common in various fields, the jobs are no exception to this. Even one bad hire can lead to some serious consequences for an organization that’s where we conduct due diligence with utmost meticulousness. Employees are direct representatives of a business and brand in the outside world. Any misconduct or fraudulent activity can damage the brand image of a company in the market and in front of the clients too.

There are many candidates in the market who are taking help of fake degrees and false employment certificates to secure jobs. BVS Global helps organizations identify these candidates before they are appointed for the job.

Verification Process Requirements in UAE

As a specialized third-party agency, BVS global understands the importance of proper background verification and screening of candidates for organizations. Here we follow a meticulous approach to background verification.

Our background verification process consists of the following steps:

Step 1: Signing of NDA agreement

Before starting the background verification process, a non disclosure agreement (NDA) is signed between the organization who wants to conduct the background verification and BVS global.

Step 2: Signed consent letter from candidate

Due to the strict personal data protection and privacy rules in UAE, a written consent letter with the signature is required from the candidate whose background verification is to be conducted. This is a letter of authorization given by the candidate to the organization and BVS global to access his/her personal information for the purpose of employment.

Step 3: Collection of information

Once the consent letter is received from the candidate, all the documents and credentials of the candidate are collected from the organization. Any insufficient data or discrepancies are immediately reported to the concerned company within 24 hours.

Step 4: Allotment of case number

In order to protect the identity of the candidate, each verification case is allotted a case number before it is handed over to the operations team.

Step 5: Estimated Turnaround time (TAT)

Once the case is assigned to a senior background verification executive in the operations team, he/she analyzes the case and provides an estimated turnaround time (TAT). This would vary from 3-7 days depending on the case that needs to be screened.

Step 6: Initiation of background verification

The senior background verification executive and the other team members of the operations department undertake the background verification work. It involves contacting schools, universities, references, police department, and previous employers of the candidate to perform a thorough background check. Our field executives even visit the residential address of the candidate in-person and enquire about him/her.

Step 7: Report generation

Once the background verification has been successfully completed, our backend team generates the report.

Step 8: Quality checks

Once the initial report is generated, it undergoes quality checks to get rid of any errors.

Step 9: Finalization of report

Once the quality checks are done, the final report is generated after incorporating changes, if any.

Step 10: Submission of report

The finalized report is emailed to the organization. Also, one of our executive hand delivers the hard copy to the organization.

How Can Our Background Verification Consultants in Dubai Assist?

BVS Global is a leading name in background verification services in UAE. We have done the background screening of thousands of candidates. We have also been associated with several businesses – small enterprises as well as MNCs.

Choosing BVS Global as your background verification and screening partner can provide your organization a plethora of benefits. We are different from other background verification providers in that we tackle each case differently depending on the requirements of the organization. We perform checks in minimal time and of course follow the best practices in the industry.

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    Enables complete transparency

    Hiring a top-notch third-party like BVS Global for carrying out background verification ensures complete transparency with respect to an applicant’s credentials before you get him/her onboard.

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    Ensures workplace safety

    Background checks prevent organizations from hiring any fraudulent or dangerous individuals. The safety of the entire organization including other employees and clients is assured with proper background verification.

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    Avoid bad hires

    Background verification empowers organizations to avoid bad hires which may otherwise prove costly moving forward, both in terms of money and brand image. Background checks help you to hire people that will grow your business and not destroy it.

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    Save precious time and money

    Hiring any candidate involves valuable time and money invested on recruitment and training. If a particular candidate is found to be a bad hire at a later stage, the time and money spent on that candidate would be a complete loss for the organization.

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    Complete peace of mind

    Our exhaustive background checks, including criminal records check ensure complete peace of mind for organizations. With our robust background screening, businesses do not need to worry about due diligence.

Employee background verification services include

BVS global is a reputed name in UAE if you are looking out for background verification and screening services. Our services ensure that you only hire candidates with a clean background.

  • passport

    Academic credentials verification

  • Residential address verification

  • chip

    Previous employment verification

  • internet

    Education Verification

  • finding

    Employment verification

  • immigration

    Criminal record verification

  • chip

    References verification

  • chip

    Credit score verification

  • chip

    Social media verification

  • chip

    Passport authentication

  • chip

    Identity check

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    Experience verification

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