BPO Services in UAE

BPO Services in UAE

In today’s highly competitive world, outsourcing business processes to a third-party is extremely important. Delegating various tasks to a third-party that is specialized and well equipped to handle them helps organizations to increase flexibility and agility in order to survive in today’s age of cut-throat competition. Outsourcing various processes and functions that were previously handled and managed by the company enables them to save valuable time which they can use to focus on the core competencies. Hence, it is important for organizations to collaborate with a highly committed and reliable BPO partner.

BVS Global is a leading outsourcing service provider based in UAE. We specialize in offering highly competitive and efficient BPO services to diverse business verticals in UAE as well as other countries around the world.


BPO services from BVS Global enable you to focus on the core competencies of your business. Focus on product development and sales would definitely help your business to grow. We take care of the non-core functions of your business giving you more time to think on how to expand your business.

Cost savings

Outsourcing your non-core business activities to BVS Global ultimately translates to overall cost reduction. This is because by choosing us as your BPO services provider means you don’t have to spend money on hiring staff, training them, purchasing the necessary software, and most importantly investing in the infrastructure. We already have our own in-house expert team and the necessary infrastructure.

Superior performance

Outsourcing your non-core functions to a professional BPO services provider like BVS Global means top-notch performance with great accuracy and speed. Improved productivity and efficiency means faster turnaround time that ultimately improves the user experience and leads to greater customer satisfaction.

Save valuable time

In the modern world, time is money. At BVS Global, we help you to save valuable time which is an asset in today’s world. Outsourcing your business processes means you and your employees have a lot of time to invest in something creative and innovative related to the core business functions of sales and novel product development.

State-of-the-art technology

We are able to streamline your business processes through the use of state-of-the-art technology. This makes things relatively simple, easy, and fast both for you as well as us.

Secure and transparent

Choosing us as your BPO service provider means that all your credentials are in safe hands. The entire process is secure. We believe in maintaining complete transparency with you at each stage.

Types of service

Customer support

Visa & PRO Services

Back office

Accounts and Finance

Sales and Marketing

HR outsourcing

Data management and integration

Payroll, pay slips and taxes

Employee life cycle management

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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) refers to the outsourcing of a specific business function or a few functions to an external agency who is well equipped and has the potential to handle them.

At BVS Global, we believe that each company is different and unique and so are their needs. This is the reason why we provide customized solutions to all our clients best suited to the organization.

BVS Global is a trusted and leading outsourcing company. We deliver unparalleled business outsourcing services to various clients across the globe belonging to diverse business verticals. From the time we kicked off, we have worked as a partner with start-ups, SMEs, mid-sized businesses, MNCs, and Fortune-500 companies as well.

  • Banking and Finance
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals
  • E-learning
  • Real estate
  • Manufacturing
  • Travel and hospitality
  • Retail

. . . And many more