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In today’s highly competitive world, outsourcing business processes to a third-party is extremely important. Delegating various tasks to a third-party that is specialized and well equipped to handle them helps organizations to increase flexibility and agility in order to survive in today’s age of cut-throat competition. Outsourcing various processes and functions that were previously handled and managed by the company enables them to save valuable time which they can use to focus on the core competencies. Hence, it is important for organizations to collaborate with a highly committed and reliable BPO partner.

BVS Global is a leading outsourcing service provider based in UAE. We specialize in offering highly competitive and efficient BPO services to diverse business verticals in UAE as well as other countries around the world.

We expertise in the following key business process areas:

Customer support

Visa & PRO Services

Back office

Accounts and Finance

Sales and Marketing

Human resource outsourcing

Data management and integration

Payroll, pay slips and taxes

BVS Global is well equipped to handle projects of any size and complexities.

BPO Services Requirements in UAE

Although we offer customized BPO solutions depending on your business and need, the basic process we follow from start to end is nearly uniform for all business verticals.

We use the following methodology in providing BPO services of any kind. It consists of six crucial phases.

Phase 1: Analysis and assessment

In this phase, a team of process outsourcing experts from our end will visit your office personally. This team will conduct an in-depth assessment of your business, goals, objectives, existing functioning of various processes. This is a crucial step as it helps us to know how exactly your business functions. Once the assessment phase is completed, we get a crystal-clear picture for which processes you would need our outsourcing services.

Phase 2: Communication

After careful assessment of your organizational goals and objectives, we recommend those business process areas that you need to outsource. We just don’t list down the business functions that you need to outsource. We give you a proper justification as to why you need to outsource a specific function and how it would be beneficial for your organization. However, we leave the final decision on you to choose the business functions you want to outsource.

Phase 3: Design a tailor-made solution

Once we receive the final go-ahead from your end for a particular process, we create a customized solution and step-by-step implementation plan for the process to be outsourced. The plan is meticulously created after considering various parameters to drive maximum productivity for your organization.

Phase 4: Approval of the outsourcing plan

After we have created the implementation plan, we share it with you for approval and feedback, if any. Once the plan is approved and cleared from your end, we begin the implementation work.

Phase 5: Implementation

On approval of the project plan, we implement it within the specified timeframe.

Phase 6: Reporting

After implementation, we give you monthly reports which have various KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). On the basis of this report, you can judge how BVS Global has made a difference to your business process for which you hired us.

How Can BPO Services Consultants in Dubai Assist?

BVS Global is a reliable BPO services partner that helps organizations like yours to streamline key business operations and achieve the desired results. BVS Global helps you to strike a perfect balance between cost and the quality of services.

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    Focus on core functions

    Outsourcing some of your processes to BVS Global – A trusted BPO services company lets you and your team focus on what is most important for your organization, i.e. the core functions.

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    Lowered costs

    Outsourcing certain business functions to us will help you to reduce cost by a significant margin. The reason for this is that we use our own infrastructure and resources This ultimately adds to the bottom line of your company. Money saved is equivalent to money earned.

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    Saves time

    Delegating certain functions of your business saves valuable time which you can invest in expanding your business.

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    Improved productivity

    Outsourcing some tasks of your business to a professional and expert third-party BPO company like BVS Global means improved productivity and top quality services. We have on-board experienced and trained personnel that get it right the very first time.

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    Outsourcing certain processes helps your organization maintain complete flexibility when there is an uncertainty in demand, especially during the off season.

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    Competitive advantage

    Outsourcing a few business processes to a reliable partner like BVS Global gives your organization a competitive edge over others in the market who have not yet realized the true potential of outsourcing.

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    Add value to your overall business

    Choosing BVS Global as your outsourcing partner helps add value to your business in terms of productivity, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, profits, and much more.

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    Leverage on latest technology

    BVS Global is equipped with the latest tools and technologies that you can leverage on in order to make your business process much efficient and faster.

Our BPO services are meant to create an impact in every industry we cater to.

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  • Banking and Finance

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    Real estate

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