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Are you planning for an international trip in the near future? Are you worried about the visa application process? Don’t worry. BVS Global is there to take care of your travel visa needs.

BVS Global is one of the leading companies in UAE that assists individuals as well as corporates to obtain a travel visa without any fuss. We understand the anxiety and stress that you may be under with regards to your visa application and approval. Being a specialist travel visa service provider in the country, we help to eliminate this stress. We make the entire process from application to approval extremely easy and convenient for you.

Looking for e-Visa & Travel Concierge in Dubai? – BVS Global is Here to Help

With the advent of technology, the entire process of visa application has gone online with minimal face-to-face (human) interaction. Even if you are not tech savvy, we are there to assist you at each step. If this is the first time that you are applying for a travel visa, it is quite obvious that you may have loads of questions in your mind. Don’t worry, BVS Global is there to take care of all your queries and provide clarity on every aspect.

Right from the time we started, we have done visa applications thousands of times for individuals as well as corporates in UAE. Whether you are planning your dream holiday to the USA, UK, Australia, Austria, Spain, Germany or any other country across the world, BVS Global is a one-stop-shop-solution for all your travel visa requirements especially for Schengen visa.
We have our very own dedicated and expert travel visa team that takes care of everything you would require for UK visa, France visa, Germany visa, Italy visa, Austria visa, Greece visa, South Africa visa, Spain visa, Switzerland visa etc . They are well aware of the latest requirement of different embassies. They ensure that you are issued your travel visa at the earliest. Unlike many other travel visa service providers who outsource the work to a third-party, BVS Global manages the entire process in-house without the involvement of any external agency.

Process and  Requirements in UAE

Visa process and requirements vary from one country to another. No matter which dream country you want to travel to, we know all the processes and requirements.

Here are the key steps that we follow in the process of getting you a travel visa.

Step 1: Getting to know your requirements

The first step before we begin the travel visa application process is to understand your requirement. We obtained some information from you with regards to your trip, i.e. number of days, destination country, places you want to visit, tentative date of the trip, number of travellers along with you, etc.

Step 2: Documents required

We give you a checklist of the documents required for the online application process. You can submit these documents either via. email or in-person to our office.

Step 3: Scrutinizing your documents

Once we receive all the documents from you, a dedicated travel visa expert carefully scrutinizes all your documents. If we find any errors or issues with the documents, we immediately communicate the same to you and get it sorted. This is important as it avoids any problems later on.

Step 4: Application form filling, submission and online payment

We call you in-person to our office and fill the entire visa application form for you. Once all the credentials are filled, we ask you to verify the same. On receiving the green signal from you, we go ahead and submit the application after you make the payment of the visa application fee. If for whatever reason you are unable to visit our office, we can complete the entire process remotely too.


Step 5: Guidance on the interview

After the application form is submitted, you may be called for an interview to the embassy or consulate. We guide you and provide tips on how to handle the interview.

Step 6: Persistent follow-up

Once all the documentation and interview formalities are completed, we frequently follow-up with the embassy officials regarding the visa approval and dispatch. You can track the status of the travel visa application too.

How Our Consultants in Dubai Assist?

If you are looking to apply for a travel visa and are worried about how to go about the process, BVS Global is there to assist you from the start till you get the visa in your hands.

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    Eliminate the stress

    Our travel visa experts make the entire visa application process seamless and hassle-free for you. They eliminate the stress out of your visa application.

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    Intimation of all details

    Depending on the country you want to travel to, we communicate to you all the documents required for the application process. We also let you know the official fee required for the application that you need to pay online.

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    Fixed pricing

    Like other travel visa service providers in UAE, we don’t charge an unreasonable amount for the services we offer. We communicate to you upfront the fee charge by us. This amount is fixed as we don’t believe in bargaining. Also, with BVS Global there are no hidden charges.

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    Very high success ratio

    Right from our inception, we have a near-perfect ratio when it comes to travel visa issuance from embassies of different countries

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    Safe, secure and transparent

    Choosing us as your travel visa service provider means that all your credentials are in safe hands. The entire visa application is secure. We believe in maintaining complete transparency with you at each stage.

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    Work towards expediting the process

    Our expert team works closely with the embassy to expedite the entire visa application process and makes sure that you get the visa in the shortest possible time duration.

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    Real-time visa tracking and updates

    BVS Global provides you with a real-time visa tracking option. A dedicated expert from our team is always in communication with you to give you all the necessary updates regarding your application.

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    We provide support to you in case of any concerns or questions for the visa application process. We are there to support you at each stage.

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