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Common questions about marriage certificate translation services

Common questions about marriage certificate translation services

If you’re traveling to another country with your spouse and plan to live together as a family, it’s not an easy thing to do as one might think. In the case of most countries with immigration laws, you are not free to just find a home and live together. You will need proof that the two of you have been married. If you have a marriage certificate, contract, or license, you can provide that to the right authorities in your new country.

However, if this evidence that you are married is in another language, whether that be Spanish, Arabic, Russian, or another language that your spouse or country speaks, you will need to have your documents translated. Fortunately, there are legal translation services that you can get help from so that you have credentials that you can have your marriage certificate, contract, or license approved.

Here are some answers to common questions that customers often have about our professional language translation services.

What Is the Difference Between A Marriage License, Certificate, And Contract?

The form of this credential is different, depending on the country you got married in with your spouse. However, they all pretty much have the same purpose: To verify you have married another person, when, and where. There are even more names for this, including certificate of matrimony, marriage record, wedding certificate, and wedding license. The name of this document really doesn’t matter, so don’t worry as long as you have valid certification of your marriage.

What Else Might I Need A Translated Marriage License For?

Depending on the country that you are traveling to, there are other reasons why having your marriage license translated would be necessary. This includes having the right for your spouse to live with you (or for you to live with your spouse), applying for immigration, opening a bank account, obtaining insurance, and obtaining government benefits. You and your spouse will be extremely thankful to have your license translated, as you’ll have something important for many crucial things you’ll want to register for.

How Quickly Can My Marriage License Be Translated?

The turnaround time can be pretty fast for translating legal documents; usually within the day or next day. How it works is that professional translators are contacted and they translate the documents in question from where they work. They can even have your new documents ready for you during the weekend. The quick turnaround time will help speed up the process for you so you can get your spouse cleared to travel in no time.

Do I Need to Send A Copy of a Marriage License?

Sending a copy of your marriage license to a nominated address is not required. You can simply scan it or take a clear photo of it and email it to us to translate. Be sure that all the important information is not cut off or blurry so that we are able to make accurate translations. E-mailing a photo of your certificate is by far the fastest way to send it. As a follow-up question, you might be wondering if it’s safe to email a picture of your marriage license. We have secure encryption and auditing so your information never falls into the wrong hands.


Having your marriage license translated has never been easier or more accessible. Legal translation services are working 24/7 and can translate documentation to one of over 150 different languages. You will need to have your marriage license translated to get many kinds of credentials before and after you move, so what are you waiting for?


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