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Travel and tourism is rapidly flourishing in UAE. Tourism contributes a huge part of UAE’s income. It is estimated that the travel and tourism industry will contribute around 312.4 billion UAE dirham to the UAE GDP by the year 2027. Dubai Tourist visa or Dubai Visa plays an important role in GDP of the UAE.

UAE is one amongst the top places for people across the globe for going on a vacation trip with family and friends. UAE has some of the largest constructions in the world such as the Burj Khalifa. Being a shopping as well as an entertainment hub, millions of tourists can be seen flocking in UAE especially Dubai tourist Visa. The water parks, desert safari, mosques, art museums, and underwater zoo make UAE a preferred getaway destination for tourists. 

Dubai is a premier tourist destination in UAE. According to an official statistic, in 2019, Dubai welcomed 16.73 million overnight visitors. This is the reason why when we talk about tourism, Dubai visa is the frontrunner.

Are you planning to visit any Emirates in UAE for a vacation with family or friends? For this purpose, you need to get a Dubai tourist visa or a visit visa UAE.

A UAE tourist visa is the gate pass for the entry of individuals in UAE. A tourist visa is a mandatory document for entry and stay of foreign nationals.

A UAE tourist visa is valid for either 30 days or 90 days. It may either be a single entry or multiple entry type of visa. The UAE tourist visa can be extended by 30 days two times through renewal without leaving the country.

In order to avoid any complications or legal implications, it is better to apply for a UAE tourist visa prior to reaching UAE. Well, you can also apply for a tourist visa on reaching UAE, i.e. visa on arrival.

No matter the country from where you are going to UAE, a tourist visa is always handy. Having a UAE tourist visa proves the purpose of your visit to the UAE. In addition, having a UAE tourist visa enables you to stay in the country for the number of days as mentioned in the visa. You can also extend the length of your stay in UAE by renewing the visa.

Are you looking to apply for a UAE tourist visa? Well, the entire process of obtaining a UAE tourist visa has gone fully online. Even the documents are required to be submitted online. If you are doing this for the very first time, it is best advised to seek professional help and support for applying. It is also important to note that the UAE Embassy does not issue the tourist visa.

You are required to apply for a UAE tourist visa online through anyone of the UAE-based agencies.

  • Hotels – If you are booking a stay with them
  • Airlines – If you are booking your flight tickets with any of these airlines
  • (Etihad, Emirates, Fly Dubai, Air Arabia)
  • Registered travel agencies
  • Individuals already residing in UAE (your friends, relatives, family members)

Wondering where you can seek help for getting your UAE tourist visa done? BVS Global is an authorized agent for UAE visa online application.

BVS Global offers professional and expert guidance to apply for UAE tourist visa online.


Our Process and Requirements

Step #1. Understanding your requirements

Before actually proceeding with your UAE tourist visa online application, it is important for us the purpose behind your visit to UAE. It is also essential to know the Emirates that you are planning to visit in the UAE. Also, if you are travelling alone or with family. Once we understand all the key details, the UAE tourist visa online application won’t require much time.

Step #2. Collecting all your documents

It begins with having all your documents and credentials in the right place. We collect all your documents needed for the online UAE tourist visa application. Once we receive all your documents, we verify them. Any discrepancies in the documents are immediately communicated to you. Once everything regarding the documentations is clear, we proceed to the next step.

Step #3. Online form filling

Once all the necessary documents have been received, we fill the online form on your behalf. Once the form is filled, we ask you to cross-check and verify the same. Any changes or corrections mentioned by you are immediately done by us. Once we receive a go-ahead from your end, we proceed to the next step.

Step #4. Uploading of documents

Once the form is filled successfully, we proceed with uploading your coloured documents online and your passport sized photograph too with a white background.

Step #5. Payment of fee

Once both the form and documents are ready to be submitted, you are required to pay a nominal fee online towards your visa application.

Step #6. Submission, Tracking, Intimation

Once the fee is paid online, we submit your form. Once the form and documents are submitted, we keep a track of your UAE tourist visa status for approval and acceptance. Once your e-visa has been approved, we ask you to check on your official email id. The UAE tourist visa is sent by email to you.

Our role

How can we assist?

Are you looking to visit Dubai for a holiday or vacation with your friends or family? For this purpose, you would need a Dubai visa.

Worried about getting a UAE tourist visa? Don’t worry, BVS Global is there to assist you.

Here is how BVS Global can assist you in getting a UAE tourist visa, be it a Dubai visa or Abu Dhabi visa.

Complete knowledge of the UAE tourist visa online
The process of applying for a UAE tourist visa has gone completely online. Right from form filling to documents submission, everything has shifted from offline to online. If you are applying for a UAE tourist visa online, it may not be all that easy, especially if you are doing it for the very first time. This is where BVS Global comes into the picture. BVS Global has complete in-depth practical knowledge regarding the UAE tourist visa online process. This makes things extremely simple and convenient for you.
Save valuable time
Being an expert in UAE tourist visa application, BVS Global helps you save valuable time by completing the entire process on your behalf.
Cost effective
With BVS Global, cost is never an issue. Our UAE tourist visa services are reasonably priced. We don’t believe in overcharging our customers. Hence, we have a fixed priced structure for everything.
No hidden or extra charges
With BVS Global, there are no hidden charges or extra cost. Whatever charges are there, we communicate it to you upfront. Apart from that, we don’t charge anything else.
Complete transparency
BVS Global maintains complete transparency in everything throughout the UAE tourist visa procedure from start to finish.
Extensive support and guidance
BVS Global supports and provides you valuable guidance with regards to the documents needed, steps to be followed for the visa process, etc.
No third-party involvement
At BVS Global, we do the entire UAE tourist visa application procedure at our office from start to end. We don’t hire any external agency for anything. This ensures complete safety and security of your documents and credentials.
At BVS Global, we maintain complete confidentiality of your sensitive data and information. We have a robust security system in place in place too.
Frequent updates
Once your UAE tourist visa application is successfully submitted online, we send you frequent updates regarding the status of your application.
One-stop destination
Whether it is applying for a Dubai tourist visa or a Sharjah tourist visa, BVS Global is a one-stop destination for all your UAE tourist visa needs.
Support 7 days a week
Whether you need UAE tourist visa services on a Sunday, a holiday, or at any odd times, BVS Global is there to support you all 7 days a week.
High success rate
We have a next to perfect success rate in all types of UAE visa applications including the UAE tourist visa.
Specialize in handling visa rejection cases
At BVS Global, we specialize in handling UAE tourist visa rejection cases too.
Expert and trained staff
We have experienced and trained staff working on your UAE tourist visa application.