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Tips to find reliable Apostille services

When you want an apostille for your documents, you will find that there are a dozen companies that promise to offer you the service. However, can you really pick anyone at random? These are, after all, your personal documents that must only be handled by someone you can trust.

While it is not to say that you cannot look for companies online, it is important to follow a research protocol to ensure that they are trustworthy and will deliver the services as promised. So if you are looking for service providers for Apostille documents in India, then you should read this article to learn how!

Ask about the turnaround time

Don’t send your documents to an apostille service that doesn’t treat you with utmost priority. Even if you are not in a hurry, you should receive your certified documents within the stipulated time. It is, after all, your important personal documents that shouldn’t be out of your reach for long periods of time. Anyone that doesn’t honor their time commitments or offers slow delivery may be employing the services of a third party. The more hands your documents exchange, the greater risk they face of being lost or misused.

Request for a quote break-up

When you are at the brink of finalizing a service provider, it is always advisable to ask for a quote and a breakup of their charges. Some companies will cheat their clients by quoting the lowest price and then add fees and surcharges to bump up the prices. To avoid these rude shocks, you should ask for any additional charges that their service will incur. If the answer is yes, then keep looking!

Should be easily reachable

Reputable companies offer you multiple channels of communication so that you can reach them quickly and communicate with them when you need to. They should be available on phone, e-mail, and even online chat.

Free consultation

While services are obviously paid, the consultation should come free of cost. A good service provider will have no problem in guiding you through the process without any extra charge. Anyone who asks to be paid for this advice should be avoided.

Keeps things simple

An apostille service doesn’t have to be any more complicated than it already is. If a service provider obfuscating things just to confuse you, then you should treat it as a red flag. Quality professionals simplify the process for their clients and remove all jargon from the communication so that they can send out their message clearly.

They are highly professional

You should only choose to transact with a company that follows a professional manner and works with absolute precision. If a company does not provide you with the requisite information or fails to keep your documents securely, then you should continue looking for a reliable vendor.

Use these tips as a starting point and use your best judgment to work with a service provider who provides you with credible apostille service.


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