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The Marshall Islands is a country located on the equator. It has a services economy and an impressive coastline with stunning beaches. Majuro is the capital of this country and the largest coral atoll in the Pacific Ocean comprising 64 islands. If you are looking for a career opportunity or an international business venture out of The Marshall Islands, you need to get your personal educational and commercial documents apostilled in the home country. BVS Global offers its expertise and years of profound experience to ensure a smooth transition for the customers looking for this service.
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In every member nation of Hague Convention, there is a standard process of attestation/apostille to be followed for the foreign public documents. Your documents in The Marshall Islands should have an Apostille affixed to their front page to validate the authenticity of the documents. The timely completion of this process is essential to expedite the immigration formalities. Hence, you should contact the experts at BVS Global for their specialized help and support.

What is Legalization or Attestation?

Legalization or Attestation is the process by which government authorities officially endorse a document assuring the receiving country or organization of its authenticity. Likewise, it typically involves two or three levels of attestations across government departments in both countries for Marshall Islands documents.

Why do you need Bhutan certificate attestation and Legalization?

We provide Marshall Islands document legalization or Apostille, for any type of Marshall Islands issued documents for use in any country. However, the process may vary depending on the document and the laws of the origin & destination country. The Marshall Islands Ministry of Foreign Affairs stamp can be replaced by an Apostille, if the origin and destination countries are part of Hague convention 1961. Original certificates required for some countries; a true copy / certified copy would suffice for attestation.

Acceptance or rejection of documents is solely based on discretion of the government authorities concerned. Furthermore, the requirements and processes vary often depending on the government department’s policies, terms and conditions. Please contact our customer service officer for updated fee structure and more information on legalization.
Process & Requirements

The Process of document Attestation, Apostille and legalization services in Marshall Island

A proper procedure is applicable for attesting documents in Marshall Islands. Firstly, you need the original copies of the required documents (scanned copies would suffice in some cases) along with a copy of your passport, a declaration form, and power of attorney if applicable. Accordingly, the process of Legalization, Attestation, apostille comprises:
Requirements for attesting Marshall Islands documents
  1. Original certificate(s) or scanned copies (in some cases)
  2. Valid Passport copy
  3. Declaration form
  4. Power of Attorney (if required)
Attesting personal documents like birth certificate, marriage certificate in Marshall Islands
  • Legal Translation from  Marshall Islands (If necessary)
  • Notary in  Marshall Islands
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Marshall Islands or an Apostille
  • Embassy or consulate in  Marshall Islands
Attesting educational documents like degree certificate, diploma certificate in Marshall Islands
  • Legal Translation from  Marshall Islands (If necessary)
  • Ministry of Education in  Marshall Islands
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs in  Marshall Islands or an Apostille
  • Embassy or consulate in  Marshall Islands
Attesting commercial documents like incumbency, invoice, memorandum, articles of association in Marshall Islands
  • Concerned authority or Govt. department or Chamber of Commerce in  Marshall Islands
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs in  Marshall Islands or an Apostille
  • Embassy or consulate in  Marshall Islands
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Example of Marshall Islands certificate attestation or legalization procedure for use in UAE

Certificate attestation or Legalization Procedure of Marshall Islands document, to be used in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Originally issued in Marshall Islands. Documents of Marshall Islands origin – such as Personal, Educational, and Commercial documents have to be attested from the Ministry of foreign affairs (MOFA) UAE. Prior to the Ministry of foreign affairs UAE, the document needs to be attested by a notary or ministry of education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and UAE Embassy in Majuro, Marshall Islands.

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Apart from Attestation in Marshall Islands, our work requests extend to PRO & GRO Services, Business support services and Company Formation. Other services include:
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BVS Global's trustworthiness and reliability have been strengthened by its acknowledgment as a reliable service provider for global mobility services and certificate attestation in Marshall Islands.

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BVS Global maintains a robust proficiency cultivated over three decades, enhancing our skilled management of various global business demands.

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Utilizing our expansive global network in over 180 countries, we offer assistance to enhance the operational efficiency of company formation, business support services and more.

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Our solutions are prioritized and customer-centric, assuring that your specific business and personal needs are met with, leaving you completely satisfied.

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Functioning as a one-stop destination for business solutions, BVS Global optimizes operational channels to ensure effective collaboration during work execution.


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We offer our experience to make legalization as simple as it can be. Our experts are well-trained to handle this process smoothly. In addition to that, they can provide Attestation and Apostille in Marshall Islands after considering the requisite parameters. Furthermore, we provide a comprehensive suite of legalization /Apostille services that include consulate or embassy legalization, Apostille from the member nations of Hague Convention 1961, and attestation from the state governments and ministries. Most importantly, we can manage the attestation of every type of document needed for your international endeavors.
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For reliable business support services in Marshall Islands, consider BVS Global. Let us be the trusted partner for all your business solutions.
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Whether you require temporary housing solutions or property management, count on our well-established reputation for effective global mobility services.
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BVS Global is a respected provider of PRO & GRO services, distinguishing ourselves as the preferred option for organizations worldwide with our top-notch offerings.
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Renowned for delivering tailored service solutions, BVS Global ensures the expert management of each business setup in Marshall Islands.
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Count on us as the premier choice for BPO services, offering reliable human resource outsourcing solutions customized to meet your specific corporate needs.
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BVS Global has years of experience in handling attestation of valuable certificates and documents legitimately, keeping in mind the security concerns and customer requirements. We handle Marshall Islands legalization of Personal Documents such as Birth or Death Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Experience/ Employment, degree Certificate and of Commercial documents such as Articles of association, financial documents, Commercial invoice or Bills of lading.

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BVS Global Services is a one stop shop for all document authentication services. BVS Global provides verification, attestation and visa assistance in 185 countries and more. For more assistance please write to We will respond soon, generally within 2 business hours.

Our Frequently Asked Questions

BVS Global has years of experience in handling attestation of valuable certificates and documents legitimately, keeping in mind the security concerns and customer requirements.

What is the purpose of certificate attestation?
Certificate attestation is a process where government authorities officially endorse a document to confirm its authenticity for use in another country. It typically involves multiple levels of attestations across government departments.
Why do I need certificate attestation and legalization services in Marshall Islands?
Certificate attestation is essential for various purposes, including visa or passport issuance, immigration applications, educational qualifications verification, asset ownership, marriage contracts, and more.
How can BVS Global assist in the US citizenship and immigration process?
BVS Global provides comprehensive services, including assistance with citizenship applications, permanent residence applications, travel visa services, and consultation for US citizenship and immigration matters.
What global mobility services does BVS Global offer for individuals and businesses?
BVS Global's global mobility services include international relocation, travel insurance, holiday insurance, property management, pet transportation services, temporary housing solutions, and more.
What sets BVS Global apart when it comes to Global Mobility Services?
BVS Global distinguishes itself through a well-established reputation for efficient global mobility services, offering solutions such as temporary housing, property management, and international relocation with a focus on client satisfaction.