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Montenegro Certificate Attestation | Legalization | Apostille Services

Montenegro is a country in the Balkans region of Europe. It is an upper middle-income economy with a huge expansion of the services industry. It also has a thriving tourism sector due to scenic coastline and mountainous regions. Podgorica is the capital and the largest city of Montenegro. Those looking to go out of the country for a specific reason should get their documents attested or apostilled. This requires two-three steps of attestations at various government departments or ministries in both the countries. For the complete peace of your mind, you can rely on us. At BVS Global, we are the leading service providers offering a vast range of attestation/apostille solutions.

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There is a standard procedure specified for Apostille in the member countries of Hague Convention. On completion of this procedure, an international stamp or seal is affixed to the front page of the documents for endorsing their authenticity and validating the signatures of issuing authorities. This is a procedure involving legal formalities that should be duly completed

What is Legalization or Attestation?

Legalization or Attestation is the process by which government authorities officially endorse a document assuring the receiving country or organization of its authenticity. Likewise, it typically involves two or three levels of attestations across government departments in both countries for Montenegro documents.

Why do you need certificate attestation and Legalization?

We provide Montenegro document legalization or Apostille, for any type of Montenegro issued documents for use in any country. However, the process may vary depending on the document and the laws of the origin & destination country. The Montenegro Ministry of Foreign Affairs stamp can be replaced by an Apostille, if the origin and destination countries are part of Hague convention 1961. Original certificates required for some countries; a true copy / certified copy would suffice for attestation.

Acceptance or rejection of documents is solely based on discretion of the government authorities concerned. Furthermore, the requirements and processes vary often depending on the government department’s policies, terms and conditions. Please contact our customer service officer for updated fee structure and more information on legalization.

Process & Requirements

The Process of document Attestation, Apostille and legalization services in Montenegro

A proper procedure is applicable for attesting documents in Montenegro. Firstly, you need the original copies of the required documents (scanned copies would suffice in some cases) along with a copy of your passport, a declaration form, and power of attorney if applicable. Accordingly, the process of Legalization, Attestation, apostille comprises:

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Requirements for attesting Montenegro documents
  • Original certificate(s) or scanned copies (in some cases)
  • Valid Passport copy
  • Declaration form
  • Power of Attorney (if required)
Attesting personal documents like birth certificate, marriage certificate in Montenegro
  • Legal Translation from Montenegro (If necessary)
  • Notary in Montenegro
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Montenegro or an Apostille
  • Embassy or consulate in Montenegro
Attesting educational documents like degree certificate, diploma certificate in Montenegro
  • Legal Translation from Montenegro (If necessary)
  • Ministry of Education in Montenegro
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Montenegro or an Apostille
  • Embassy or consulate in Montenegro
Attesting commercial documents like incumbency, invoice, memorandum, articles of association in Montenegro
  • Concerned authority or Govt. department or Chamber of Commerce in Montenegro
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Montenegro or an Apostille
  • Embassy or consulate in Montenegro

Example of Montenegro certificate attestation or legalization procedure for use in UAE

Certificate attestation or Legalization Procedure of Montenegro document, to be used in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Originally issued in Montenegro.


Documents of Montenegro origin – such as Personal, Educational, and Commercial documents have to be attested from the Ministry of foreign affairs (MOFA) UAE. Prior to the Ministry of foreign affairs UAE, the document needs to be attested by a notary or ministry of education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and UAE Embassy in Podgorica, Montenegro.

Our Business Service Solutions in Montenegro 

Our work requests extend to other services including:

Verification services in Montenegro
  • Identification Verification
  • Birth Certificate Verification 
  • Education Verification
  • Employment Check
  • Criminal Record Verification
  • Address verification
  • Reference verification
  • Global watchlist
  • Due Diligence Test
  • Social Media Check
Attestation & Legalization Services in Montenegro
  • Apostille Services
  • Certificate Attestation
  • Document Authentication
  • Embassy & Consulate Legalization
  • Apostille from countries part of Hague convention
  • Legalization from various Government departments
Visa & Travel Concierge Services in Montenegro
  • Travel Visa Services
  • Travel Insurance Consultants
  • Visa Provisioning Services
  • POS Visa Provisioning Services 
  • Visa Consultant services
PRO & GRO Services in Montenegro
  • Corporate PRO services
  • Employee/Staff PRO Services
  • Family/Personal PRO Services
  • Business Trade Support
  • Government Relations
Company Formation Services in Montenegro
  • Business setup services
  • Company registration
  • License Assistance
  • Payroll Compliance
  • Incorporation Services
  • Bank Account Opening
Immigration & Citizenship Services in Montenegro
  • Permanent Residency
  • Citizenship Application Assistance
  • Immigration Consultant Services
  • Immigration Visa
  • Permanent Resident Visa
Global Mobility Services in Montenegro
  • International Relocation
  • Travel Coordination 
  • Travel Insurance 
  • Holiday Insurance
  • Property management 
  • Pet transportation
  • International Car Rental
  • Temporary housing solutions
  • Corporate relocations
  • Airport meet & greet
Business Process Outsourcing Services
  • Employee life cycle management
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Data Management & Integration
  • Human Resources
  • Payroll & Taxes
  • Certifications & Consultation
Business Support Services in Montenegro
  • Administrative Support
  • Legal Assistance
  • Business Processes Outsourcing
  • Human resource assistance
  • Project Management
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Let us convince you to choose BVS Global for your Immigration and document attestation services in Montenegro:

Secure Servicing

Adhering to top-notch security standards, BVS Global ensures information integrity and confidentiality, earning trust from 15,000+ businesses.

Solid Experience

Drawing on more than a decade of global leadership in professionalism and quality, BVS Global delivers seamless, reliable services with extensive industry expertise in Montenegro. .

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Highlighting expertise in international attestation, citizenship, immigration, travel concierge, and GRO & PRO services, we operate globally in 180+ countries, with ongoing expansion.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Dedicated to client satisfaction, we've customized solutions for diverse needs, successfully managing over 2 million service requests.

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Our solutions streamline accessible client services for verification, business process outsourcing, business support services, company formation, and global mobility.


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“BVS Global is a reputable organization in Montenegro for attestation. They recognised the urgency of the situation and worked quickly to attest to my marriage and birth certificates. They provided their service in a timely manner.” 

Marko Petrović




“BVS Global not only met my attestation needs but also exceeded my expectations by seamlessly handling my sister’s family’s permanent residency and visa requirements when she moved to Canada. Their comprehensive services and efficiency truly stood out, making my recommendation well-placed and rewarding.”  

Jovana Vukčević




“BVS Global has proven to be a reliable partner in our business growth and sustainability. From thorough verification and screening during job recruitment to supplying essential manpower resources for our company, they have consistently demonstrated dependability.” 

Nikola Đurović


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We offer our experience to make legalization as simple as it can be. Our experts are well-trained to handle this process smoothly. In addition to that, they can provide Attestation and Apostille in Montenegro after considering the requisite parameters. Furthermore, we provide a comprehensive suite of legalization /Apostille services that include consulate or embassy legalization, Apostille from the member nations of Hague Convention 1961, and attestation from the state governments and ministries. Most importantly, we can manage the attestation of every type of document needed for your international endeavors.

Global Mobility Services in Montenegro

Explore top-notch global mobility services in Montenegro with our profound expertise, with temporary housing solutions, property management, and travel health insurance.

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Business Support Services in Montenegro

As your credible business partner in Montenegro, BVS Global provides all the business support services your company needs to run efficiently in the competitive marketplace.

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Company Formation in Montenegro

BVS Global guarantees the execution of efficient corporate and administrative solutions for your company formations in Montenegro, backed by well-equipped and personalized service solutions.

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Business Process Outsourcing in Montenegro

BVS Global provides business process outsourcing services in Montenegro that correspond to your company’s operations and offer dependable solutions for your outsourcing and human resource needs.

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PRO & GRO Services in Montenegro

We are a recognized international provider of PRO & GRO services, consistently achieving outcome-driven results, positioning us as the preferred partner for businesses in Montenegro.

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BVS Global has years of experience in handling attestation of valuable certificates and documents legitimately, keeping in mind the security concerns and customer requirements.

We handle Montenegro legalization of Personal Documents such as Birth or Death Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Experience/ Employment, degree Certificate and of Commercial documents such as Articles of association, financial documents, Commercial invoice or Bills of lading.

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BVS Global Services is a one stop shop for all document authentication services. BVS Global provides verification, attestation and visa assistance in 185 countries and more. For more assistance please write to We will respond soon, generally within 2 business hours.

Our Frequently Asked Questions

BVS Global has years of experience in handling attestation of valuable certificates and documents legitimately, keeping in mind the security concerns and customer requirements.

How long does the attestation process take?

The timeframe for attestation varies based on the type of document, government department policies, and the specific requirements of the origin and destination countries. Contact us for knowing the required timeline.

What types of verification services does BVS Global offer?

BVS Global offers a range of verification services, including identification verification, birth certificate verification, education verification, employment checks, criminal record verification, address verification, reference verification, global watchlist checks, due diligence tests, and social media checks.

What are the services included in Global Mobility Services in Montenegro?

Global Mobility Services by BVS Global in Montenegro cover international relocation, travel coordination, travel and holiday insurance, property management, pet transportation, international car rental, temporary housing solutions, corporate relocations, and airport meet & greet services.

What business support services does BVS Global provide in Montenegro?

BVS Global's business support services in Montenegro encompass administrative support, legal assistance, business process outsourcing, human resource assistance, and project management.

How can BVS Global assist in company formation in Montenegro?

BVS Global facilitates efficient corporate and administrative solutions for company formations in Montenegro. Services include business setup, company registration, license assistance, payroll compliance, and incorporation services.

What is the role of BVS Global in offering PRO & GRO services in Montenegro?

BVS Global is a recognized international provider of PRO & GRO services in Montenegro, achieving outcome-driven results for businesses. Services include corporate PRO, employee/staff PRO, family/personal PRO, and business trade support.