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Certificate Attestation in Saudi Arabia.

 If you’re seeking a convenient method to authenticate your documents in Saudi Arabia, BVS Global offers attestation services in Saudi Arabia with a better and streamlined process for attesting your documents without any hassle. Contact us for more information.

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Document Attestation in Saudi Arabia Process Requirements

Certificate attestation in Saudi Arabia requires the following 3 steps, as detailed below:

Embassy or Consulate Attestation:

BVS Global assists with the attestation of documents at embassies or consulates, ensuring they are legally recognized for purposes such as visa or passport issuance.

Immigration Office Assistance:

BVS Global helps with the authentication process required by immigration offices for visa applications, emigration requests, or changes in work status, streamlining the cross-border undertaking.

Credential Verification

BVS Global facilitates the verification of documents for educational equivalency assessments, such as attestation for World Education Services (WES) and International Qualifications Assessment (IQAS), addressing the requirements of the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia.

Expert Attestation Services in Saudi Arabia

BVS Global has years of experience in handling valuable certificates and documents legitimately, keeping in mind the security concerns and customer requirements.  From company documents to birth, death, marriage and adoption certificates, we help you get prompt certificate attestation with regular updates during the process Our attestation and apostille services in Saudi Arabia include:

  • Embassy & Consulate Attestation in Saudi Arabia
  • Apostille from countries part of Hague convention
  • Attestation from state government departments and ministries
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Why Choose Us for Reliable Legalization Services?

Our BVS Global for attestation of documents in Saudi Arabia, assuring a seamless and swift process for your certificate authentication with utmost security and efficiency.

#1.Quick and Express Attestation

Benefit from our swift and efficient certificate attestation processing. Additionally, we offer estimated timelines for the delivery of Saudi certificate attestation

#3. Real-time tracking

At BVS Global, you have the ability to monitor the progress of your attestation tasks. Moreover, we offer consistent updates to alleviate any concerns you may have regarding the issuing.

#4. Service Expertise

Our expertise in this field equips us with the proficiency to handle various documents such as Saudi attestation for degree certificate, Saudi certificate attestation and Apostille in Saudi Arabia.

#5. One-stop-solution

We serve as your comprehensive solution for all Saudi certificate attestation services. In every phase, BVS Global will professionally manage every aspect, sparing you any inconvenience along the way.

#6. Affordable pricing

BVS Global promises cost-effective pricing for the attestation of documents in Saudi Arabia. Our transparent approach means no hidden fees, as we strive to maintain consistent and fixed pricing for all our services.

Type of Documents We Assist You With


Birth certificate

Marriage Certificate

close-up-medical-form_1232-380 (1)

Death Certificate

Financial documents

Experience/ Employment

Visa Services

Degree certificate

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Our Frequently Asked Questions

BVS Global has years of experience in handling attestation of valuable certificates and documents legitimately, keeping in mind the security concerns and customer requirements.

Why do you need attestation?

Attestation is a mandatory requirement in Saudi Arabia, whether for personal, professional, or educational reasons. It's necessary to have your certificates/documents attested by the Consulate Office. This process establishes the credibility of your documents, facilitating various endeavors such as obtaining a work permit, pursuing higher education, or starting a business. If you seek an easy Saudi certificate attestation process without investing significant time or effort, consider utilizing BVS Global's attestation services.

Which authorities have the right for certificate attestation in Saudi Arabia?

Notary attestation, Ministry of education, Ministry of foreign affairs, Ministry of Justice in Saudi Arabia

What is Attestation or Legalization of a document?

Attestation or legalization refers to the process of authenticating a legal document to certify that it is valid. Attestation also helps foreign countries identify that the documents you are providing them are valid.

How much does it cost for Attestation Services in Saudi Arabia?

The exact cost for the attestation services in Saudi Arabia will vary based on the type and number of documents you need to get attested and if translation services are required. Reach out to our experts at BVS Global to know the exact price of attestation of documents in Saudi Arabia.

Who does the attestation of documents in Saudi Arabia?

The embassy or competent authorities will need to review your documents and attest them. If you would like to save yourself time and effort, you can opt for BVS Global instead to avail certificate attestation for Saudi Arabia.

What are all the documents required for Saudi certificate attestation?

For attestation of documents in Saudi Arabia, you will need to provide the original document or certificate that is to be attested along with other required documents, like a photocopy of your visa or passport, passport-size photography, declarations and more.