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Commercial Attestation in Saudi Arabia.

Secure your commercial document attestation with BVS Global. Over a decade of experience has given us the expertise to complete and secure the attestation process hassle-free. Contact us for more information.

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Three Steps For Commercial Attestation in Saudi Arabia

Step 1

First of all, legally translate the original certificate (if required) and get attested from the Notary

Step 2

Acquire attestation from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and then from Chamber of Commerce (if necessary)

Step 3

Complete the process by the attestations from Saudi Arabia Embassy and Ministry of foreign affairs (if required)

Why Do You Need Commercial Attestation?

When a document undergoes attestation, it alleviates concerns about its authenticity and streamlines the process of your international pursuits. This validation is legally required for all cross-border activities, whether they involve personal o professional advancements, such as:

  • Initiating company formation overseas
  • Establishing a new branch or representative office in another country
  • Facilitating the import or export of goods
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Why Choose BVS Global for Commercial Document Attestation

#1.Expertise and Understanding

Document attestation is a complex, multi-step process that requires expert knowledge and a thorough understanding of the procedures involved.

#2. Avoid Mistakes and Delays

Handling attestation independently can lead to errors, delays, and unnecessary expenses due to the intricate nature of the process.

#3. Official Endorsement

Attestation ensures the authenticity of commercial certificates by government authorities, assuring their validity for use in Saudi Arabia.

#4. Multi-Level Attestations

The attestation process typically involves multiple levels of authentication across various government departments in both the home and destination countries.

#5. Essential for Visa Application:

Document attestation is necessary for applying for a resident visa in Saudi Arabia, highlighting the importance of seeking expert assistance from professionals like BVS Global for compliance with regulations.

Types of Documents We Assist You With

Articles of Association

Certificate of Good Standing

Certificate of Name Change

Certificate of incumbency

Certificate of incorporation


Licenses and Agreement

Resolutions and Minutes

Company constitutions

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Our Frequently Asked Questions

BVS Global has years of experience in handling attestation of valuable certificates and documents legitimately, keeping in mind the security concerns and customer requirements.

What is commercial attestation, and why is it important?

Commercial attestation involves verifying the authenticity of commercial documents for international use. It's crucial for ensuring the legality and validity of documents in cross-border activities.

What are the requirements for Certificate of Incorporation certificate attestation in Saudi Arabia?


Original Certificate of Incorporation Certificate (for certain cases we don’t need the original) Declaration form

Valid Passport or Emirates id (copy)

Certificate of Incorporation Certificate Attestation / Legalization fee

How long does the commercial attestation process typically take with BVS Global?

The timeframe for commercial attestation can vary depending on factors such as document complexity and the requirements of different authorities. BVS Global aims to expedite the process while ensuring accuracy.

What is Embassy / consulate attestation?

Legalization  of the document by an Embassy/Consulate of a country done specifically  for use of document in that respective country

Is commercial attestation the same as document legalization?

Commercial attestation and document legalization are similar processes aimed at authenticating documents for international use. However, they may involve different procedures and requirements depending on the destination country.