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Death Certificate Attestation in Saudi Arabia.

BVS Global can be the guide through the complexities of getting your death certificate attested. Over a decade of expertise has equipped us to facilitate the process of death certificate attestation in Saudi Arabia easily.

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Three Steps For the Attestation of Death Certificate

Step 1

First of all, legally translate the original certificate (if required) and get attested from the Notary

Step 2

Acquire attestation from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and then from Chamber of Commerce (if necessary)

Step 3

Complete the process by the attestations from Saudi Arabia Embassy and Ministry of foreign affairs (if required)

Why Do You Need Death Certificate Attestation services?

Attestation of death certificate alleviates concerns about its authenticity and simplifies the process of international endeavors. This authentication is legally mandatory for any cross-border activities, whether they pertain to personal or professional advancements, such as:

  • Obtaining visas or passports from embassies or consulates.
  • Dealing with immigration offices for visa applications, emigration requests, or changes in work status, among other matters.
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Why Choose BVS Global for Death Certificate attestation?

#1.Relevant Expertise

BVS Global specializes in death certificate attestation/apostille services, ensuring adherence to Saudi Arabian regulations for authentication

#2.Streamlined Process

Our death certificate attestation service simplifies the multi-step attestation process, saving you time and effort while ensuring meticulous attention to detail.

#3.Document Urgency

Death certificate attestation might be needed in an urgent situation. In this scenario depend on our expert assistance for acquiring the death certificate quickly.

#4.Government-Approved Authentication

We handle the complex attestation procedures involving multiple levels of endorsement by government authorities, guaranteeing the document's authenticity.

#5.Avoid Errors and Delays

Relying on BVS Global eliminates the risk of mistakes, delays, and unnecessary expenses associated with attempting attestation independently.

Types of Other Documents We Assist You With


Birth Certificate

Marriage Certificate


Experience / Employment Certificate


Articles of association


Financial documents


Commercial invoice or Bills of lading.

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Our Frequently Asked Questions

BVS Global has years of experience in handling attestation of valuable certificates and documents legitimately, keeping in mind the security concerns and customer requirements.

What is death certificate attestation, and why is it necessary?

Death certificate attestation involves verifying the authenticity of a death certificate for use in international matters. It's necessary to ensure the document's validity for cross-border activities.


Which authorities are involved in the death certificate attestation process?


The death certificate attestation process typically involves notary public offices, ministries of foreign affairs, chambers of commerce (if necessary), Saudi Arabia embassy, and the ministry of foreign affairs (if required).

What documents are needed for death certificate attestation?

You will need the original death certificate along with any required translations, identification documents, and other relevant paperwork for the attestation process.

Can BVS Global assist with attestation for other types of documents besides death certificates?

Yes, BVS Global offers attestation services for a wide range of documents including birth certificates, marriage certificates, employment certificates, financial documents, and more.


How can I get started with BVS Global for death certificate attestation services?

Simply reach out to BVS Global, and our team will guide you through the process, providing personalized assistance to ensure your death certificate attestation needs are met efficiently and effectively.