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Indian Certificate Attestation in Saudi Arabia.

For people who are planning to relocate from India to Saudi Arabia in search of better job opportunities, investments, or for setting up their new business venture, Indian certificate attestation from Saudi Arabia embassy authorities is necessary. The certificates and documents issued in India will only be considered valid and genuine in Saudi if they are attested. Connect with us today.

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Three Steps For Indian Certificate Attestation in Saudi Arabia

Step 1

Legally translate the original certificate (if required) and get attested from the Notary for state-level acceptance in India.

Step 2

Educational certificates: Attestation from the state's HRD. Personal documents: Attestation from the State Home Department. Commercial documents: Authentication by the Chamber of Commerce.

Step 3

Once the state-level attestation is completed, proceed to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) for stamping to legalize the documents.

Why Do You Need Indian Certificate Attestation?

Certificate attestation is the process of validating official Indian certificates for use in Saudi Arabia. Documents issued in India must undergo authentication and legalization to be recognized in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Attestation by the Saudi Arabia Embassy verifies the authenticity of the certificates, making them usable for various purposes. Such as

  • Relocating to Saudi Arabia from India, whether temporarily or permanently.
  • Securing employment in a new job.
  • Initiating a new business venture.
  • Establishing a new branch of an existing business.
  • Obtaining visas (family/residence/work).
  • To Pursue higher education in schools or universities.

Why Choose BVS Global for Indian Certificate Attestation ?

#1. Expertise and Experience

BVS Global is a trusted leader in Indian embassy in Saudi Arabia attestation with years of experience and skilled expertise in attesting a wide range of documents, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

#2. Specialization in Translation

The Saudi Arabia Embassy often requires certificates and documents to be translated into Arabic. BVS Global specializes in Arabic translation services, ensuring compliance with embassy requirements.

#3. Seamless Process

With an impressive success rate in Indian certificate attestation in Riyadh, BVS Global renders a seamless process for clients, eliminating stress and hassle from the attestation procedure.

#4. Assistance for Residents in Saudi Arabia

Even if you're living in Saudi Arabia, BVS Global can help you with Indian certificate attestation with our extensive experience in the Saudi Arabian attestation market.

#5. Comprehensive Knowledge and Support:

BVS Global has expertise in handling the Indian Embassy in Saudi Arabia and the Indian consulate in Riyadh, ensuring clients receive comprehensive support for document attestation in both countries.

Types of Other Documents We Assist You With


Birth Certificate

Marriage Certificate

close-up-medical-form_1232-380 (1)

Medical Certificate


Experience / Employment Certificate

Police Clearance Certificate

Financial documents

img-impress-your-clients (1)

Firm registration certificate


Commercial invoice or Bills of lading


Articles of association

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Our Frequently Asked Questions

BVS Global has years of experience in handling attestation of valuable certificates and documents legitimately, keeping in mind the security concerns and customer requirements

Why should I choose BVS Global for Indian certificate attestation?

BVS Global is a trusted leader in the field, backed by years of experience and expertise in attesting various documents with accuracy and reliability.

Does BVS Global offer translation services for certificate attestation?

Yes, BVS Global specializes in Arabic translation services with compliance with the requirements of the Saudi Arabia Embassy.

Can BVS Global assist residents of Saudi Arabia with certificate attestation?

Yes, even if you're living in Saudi Arabia, BVS Global can help you with embassy certificate attestation, utilizing our extensive experience in the Saudi Arabian attestation market.

Are there any additional requirements for certificate attestation in Saudi Arabia?

Yes, the Saudi Arabia Embassy often requires documents to be notarized and authenticated before attestation.

How long does the certificate attestation process typically take with BVS Global?

The duration of the process can vary depending on factors such as document complexity and embassy processing times. BVS Global aims to expedite the process as much as possible, contact us for more details.

Can BVS Global handle urgent certificate attestation requests?

Yes, BVS Global understands the urgency of certain situations and can accommodate urgent attestation requests whenever possible.