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Passport Service from Saudi Arabia.

BVS GLOBAL offers extensive Passport Services from Saudi Arabia, which is evidence of our 14 years of unwavering dedication to offering vital business service solutions. Both UAE citizens and foreigners residing in Saudi Arabia can apply for and renew their passports more quickly using this new service. BVS Global is your reliable partner with extensive knowledge of both domestic and international documentation requirements.

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Three Steps to Applying for Passport Service from Saudi Arabia

BVS GLOBAL is your trusted partner, ensuring that your passport needs are handled with the utmost care, efficiency, and professionalism.

Step 1: Initial Consultation and Document Review

Get a consultation with the professionals at BVS Global before beginning the application or renewal process for your passport. We examine the documents you currently have, offer advice on the documentation and images needed, and determine whether there are any particular circumstances depending on your nationality and current residency status in the Saudi Arabia.

Step 2: Documentation Preparation and Submission

Then we help with the gathering and preparation of the relevant papers, such as application forms, identity documents, and any other paperwork needed for the Saudi Arabian consulate or embassy of your home country. Our staff will ensure that your application package satisfies all regulations in order to prevent any rejections or delays.

Step 3: Application Monitoring and Passport Collection

Following submission, we will keep a close eye on the status of your application and notifies you of any revisions or new requirements. After your application is approved, we arrange for the delivery of your renewed or new passport to you, marking the completion of the application procedure.

BVS GLOBAL's Passport Service from the Saudi Arabia

Passport renewals, replacements owing to loss or damage, and new passports are all served by BVS Global’s Passport services Saudi Arabia. We provide services to a wide range of nationalities in order to support the varied community in Saudi Arabia. Because our staff is knowledgeable about the  paperwork and procedural quirks of many nations, we can offer a customised solution that cuts down on wait times and simplifies the procedure as a whole.

Various Passport Service from Saudi Arabia Offered By Us

Service for All Nationalities

Serving a variety of nationalities living in Saudi Arabia and providing individual assistance according to the needs of your home country.

Application and Renewal Services

BVS Global can help whether you’re applying for a new passport or whether you need to renew or replace an old one.


Professional Document Handling

We ensure that all your documents are handled professionally, maintaining confidentiality and security.

Simplified Procedure

Our procedure is made to be as simple and effective as possible, requiring the least amount of work on your part. 


Up-to-Date Advice

BVS Global provides you updated guidance on the most recent requirements for applying  and renewing passports

Photo and Documentation Guidance

We also offer comprehensive assistance on photo specifications and documentation needs.

Flexible Service Options

We provide multiple service alternatives, including expedited services when available with the diverse demands of our clients.

Transparent Pricing

We guarantee that you are aware of the entire extent of your service charges right away because all of our rates are clear and inclusive.

Customer Support

Throughout the process, our friendly customer service staff is there to help with any queries you may have and to give you with updates.

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Benefits of Choosing BVS Global for Passport Services in Saudi Arabia

#1.Renewals & Applications

BVS Global simplifies the often-complex Saudi passport process, handling renewals and applications for both citizens and residents.

#2.Expert service offered

Our team's deep understanding of Saudi passport regulations ensures your application meets all requirements, avoiding delays.

#3.Efficiency & Speed

BVS Global streamlines the process, minimizing wait times and getting your passport back to you quickly.

#4.Multilingual Support

We offer assistance in multiple languages, ensuring clear communication throughout your application journey.

#5.Personalized Assistance

Our dedicated team provides tailored support, answering questions and guiding you every step of the way.

Our Frequently Asked Questions

BVS Global has years of experience in handling attestation of valuable certificates and documents legitimately, keeping in mind the security concerns and customer requirements.

Who can use BVS Global's Passport Service in Saudi Arabia?

Both UAE citizens and foreign residents in Saudi Arabia can use BVS Global's Passport Service to apply for new passports or renew existing ones.


What documents are required for the passport application process?

Required documents typically include a completed application form, valid identification documents, and specific photographs. During the initial consultation, BVS Global will review your documents and advise you on any additional paperwork needed based on your nationality and residency status.


How long does the passport application process take?

The duration can vary depending on the specific requirements of your home country and the completeness of your application. BVS Global strives to minimize wait times by ensuring all documents meet the necessary regulations, but we recommend consulting with us for a more accurate timeline.

Can BVS Global help if my passport is lost or damaged?

Yes, BVS Global provides assistance for passport replacements due to loss or damage. Our team will guide you through the process, so that you have all the necessary documentation for visa replacement application.


How does BVS Global keep me informed about the status of my application?

BVS Global monitors your application status closely and provides regular updates. We will notify you of any changes or additional requirements, and once your passport is ready, we arrange for its delivery to you.