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11 Frequently asked questions regarding attestation and apostille

This article presents the questions that are often asked about attestation and apostille. Find out the answers and the difference between these two terms before you look for attestation services near me.

What is an Apostille all about?

A document is legalized in order to be used internationally. The certificate is issued by an authorized body in consonance with the specified requirements of the country you will visit. This is called apostille.

When do I need one?

When you intend to visit a foreign country, you need your documents to be legalized for international purpose. Almost 118 nations require this before you can visit them, especially the Hague Convention participants.

What is the Hague Convention?

The Hague Convention is a joint treaty participated by many nations to lessen or eradicate the hassles of the process of visiting foreign countries. Countries participating in this convention do not require specific embassy attestations of the planned country to visit.

What is the importance of attestation and why is there a need for it to be done?

The authenticity of documents and certificates are already checked if there is an attached signature of the authorized verifying department. This checking of documents is called attestation. This must be completed so that an individual can visit a foreign land.

What is the attestation process of documents in India?

Generally, to attest documents, notarized photocopies of the passport must be submitted along with the original copy. In other countries, different documents and processes are required. It is good to know the exact requirements needed by the country you will be visiting.

How to attest laminated documents?

If the documents that need to be attested are laminated, the removal of its lamination is required so that it can be sealed or stamped.

Are the original documents safe?

Since the original documents are submitted, document-owners fear that their documents will be damaged or lost. This is understandable because these documents are very important. But the safety and confidentiality of the documents are well taken cared by the professionals assigned in processing and safe-keeping the documents.

How much does attestation process cost and how long does it take to be processed?

The completion time and cost of attestation vary per country. Upon application, you should be able to inquire regarding this to the proper personnel.

What are the documents needed for a work visa?

Typically, the document for your highest educational qualification is attested for a work visa. Nonetheless, confirm first from your prospective employer the other requirements because they may need other documents also.

What are the requirements for a student visa?

In applying for a student visa, educational documents need to be verified by the HRD department. Educational certificates, together with the grading or mark sheets, are required for the purpose of taking higher education abroad.

Is there a need to get attested by the HRD department and MEA again even if it has already been done before?

HRD and MEA attestations are valid for a lifetime. So if these have been already applied before, there is no need to re-apply for attestation services near me.


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