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8 Career tips for finding jobs in the UAE without struggle

It is devastating to apply for jobs and get no feedback. Luckily for you, there are those who already had it rough and are willing to help you get work with fewer struggles. Certificate attestation in Dubai is one of the things you should know to avoid last minute frustrations. Some of the strategies we share here on this blog you have already tried but are better structured to help you achieve your goal. They include hacks and advice from experts in the industry.

Get the Right Documentation

As mentioned earlier, certificate attestation is part of the process. Prepare your certificates, resume and all the necessary documents to get ready for the last process. Many people wait until the last minute to start running up and down to rearrange, change, remove and structure summaries and explanations.

Let a professional writer pen you a resume. If you lack means to make this possible, search online from various websites to guide you on how to do it right.

Register on Job Websites

Registering on websites that avail jobs for hunters are your first step to start your search. You will need to understand the requirements put in place by companies so as to register appropriately. You can get a list of jobs available each day from newspapers and companies alike.

Stay Active on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a site that can provide connections to employers in your category of work. Fill all the information required of you so as to get a strong profile – good enough to lure employers. If your profile gets top ranking then those looking to recruit can easily access your profile and download your CV for a vacancy consideration.

Have a clear and uptight profile picture and connect to the job poster to apply and save jobs that suit you.

Company Career Portals

Many companies have functional websites with sections they post jobs. This gives you a closer and direct application compared to applying through a third party. You will be able to track your application even though most of these sites require patience to submit your application. You can seek updates from the Human Resource with a work ID you will get through the Online Work portal.

Make a List of Contacts

Sometimes applying for jobs is not enough. You will need to show more interest in the job by getting the name, phone number, and email of the company so as to pitch directly to the company. You can make a spreadsheet of the companies together with the dates of application to track everything during your search.

Call the Companies

After applying for the jobs, take your phone and contact these companies a couple of days later. Be ready to get insults and rude talk as well because phone operators are not always nice. If you try and make ten phone calls per day you will at least get one who will be willing to connect you to the human resource.

You are making this effort so that they remember your name when they come across your actual resume.

Utilize Your Jobless Season Wisely  

Do not just sit and wait to get a job. It might take years. During this season spend time studying and making yourself better for the upcoming job.

Do not Give Up

The journey is not easy. You will get phone slams, lack of response, and even fail interviews. These are not reasons to commit career suicide. Be cheerful and keep searching. Remember to get certificate attestation in Dubai as you wait for that successful day.


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