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Commercial Attestation in UAE.

Ensure the authentication of your business documents with BVS Global. With over ten years of industry experience, we possess the knowledge and proficiency to efficiently handle commercial document attestation in UAE, with security and professionalism. Reach out to us for further details.

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Three Steps for Commercial Attestation in the UAE

Step 1

First of all, legally translate the original certificate (if required) and get attested from the Notary.

Step 2

Acquire attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and then from the Chamber of Commerce (if necessary).

Step 3

Complete the process by obtaining attestations from the UAE Embassy and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (if required).

Why Do You Need Commercial Attestation?

Attesting a document not only confirms its authenticity, but it also allows for easier progress in your global endeavours. This essential validation is a legal requirement for all cross-border transactions, let it be personal or professional in nature. Whether you’re progressing in your personal or professional purposes, such as:

– Initiating company formation in another country

– Establishing a new branch or representative office overseas

– Facilitating the import or export of goods

Why Choose Us for Commercial Document Attestation in UAE?

#1. Expertise and Understanding

The attestation of commercial documents in UAE can be difficult, demanding in-depth expertise and a proper grasp of the procedures involved.

#2. Avoid Mistakes and Delays

Attempting document attestation alone can result in mistakes, setbacks, and avoidable costs, given the legal complexity of the process..

#3. Official Endorsement

Attestation serves as an official endorsement by government authorities, affirming the legitimacy of commercial certificates for utilization within the UAE.

#4. Multi-Level Attestations

The attestation process entails numerous stages of verification across various governmental entities in both the origin and destination countries.

#5. Essential for Visa Application:

Commercial document attestation is indispensable for securing a resident visa in the UAE, underscoring the significance of engaging professional service providers.

Type of Documents We Assist You With


Articles of Association

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Certificate of Good Standing


Certificate of Name Change


Certificate of incumbency


Certificate of incorporation


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Our Frequently Asked Questions

BVS Global has years of experience in handling attestation of valuable certificates and documents legitimately, keeping in mind the security concerns and customer requirements.

What is a Certificate of Incorporation certificate attestation UAE?

Certificate of Incorporation certificate attestation is undertaken to prove the genuineness of a document- for the purpose of obtaining a work permit in your target country and more

How can we attest Certificate of Incorporation certificates in UAE?

Foreign documents must be attested finally from the Ministry of foreign affairs of UAE. The Ministry of foreign Affairs UAE will demand a UAE Embassy stamp from the country of origin. BVS Global can be reliable to partner to perform both the task

Where can I apply for Certificate of Incorporation certificate attestation?

Certificate of Incorporation Certificate attestation procedure depends upon the purpose and document. It can be done through a government department or may go up to multiple departments. BVS global helps to ease the process and apply through all the different government departments on your behalf and get the attestation done without any hassles. We are a one stop shop for all kind of attestation

What are the requirements for Certificate of Incorporation certificate attestation in UAE?
  • Original Certificate of Incorporation Certificate (for certain cases we don’t need the original) 
  • Declaration form
  • Valid Passport or Emirates id (copy)
  • Certificate of Incorporation Certificate Attestation / Legalization fees
What is the cost of certificate attestation for use in UAE?

Cost depends on the kind of document(s). Please contact our customer service for updated process, timeline and fees structure