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Degree Certificate Attestation in UAE.

If you plan to continue your studies, having an educational certificate attestation can be extremely beneficial. BVS Global is the leading provider of degree certificate attestation services in the UAE. To learn more, please contact us right away.

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Three Steps For Degree Certificate Attestation in UAE

Step 1

First of all, legally translate the original certificate (if required) and get attested from the Notary

Step 2

Acquire attestation from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and then from Chamber of Commerce (if necessary)

Step 3

Complete the process by the attestations from Saudi Arabia Embassy and Ministry of foreign affairs (if required)

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Why You Need Degree Certificate Attestation in UAE

A document or certificate’s attestation minimizes reservations  regarding its legitimacy and facilitates international endeavors. Legally, this authentication is required for any cross-border activity involving advancements in one’s personal, academic, or professional life, including:

  • Obtaining visas or passports from embassies or consulates.
  • Dealing with immigration offices for visa applications, emigration requests, or changes in work status.
  • Pursuing higher studies or obtaining equivalency certificates from the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia.
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Why Choose BVS Global For Degree certificate attestation In UAE

#1. Service Offering:

We offer extensive degree legalization services in the UAE, guaranteeing that your Bachelor's degree certificate is verified and certified by appropriate authorities for use in the country.

#2.Relevant Expertise:

With over ten years of experience, BVS Global understands the education certificate attestation process, guaranteeing the right handling to prevent delays, errors, or unnecessary expenses.

#3. Global Reach:

BVS Global offers convenient and easily accessible UAE attestation for degree certificates from any university or college in the world.

#4.Security & Legitimacy:

We prioritize security and authenticity, ensuring legitimate UAE degree attestation for valuable certificates and documents.

#5. Customer Focus:

BVS Global prioritizes client satisfaction and offers customized support for document authentication, streamlining the elaborate degree attestation process in the United Arab Emirates.

Type of Other Documents We Assist You With

Birth Certificate

Marriage Certificate

Financial documents

Experience / Employment Certificate

Commercial invoice or Bills of lading

Articles of association

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Our Frequently Asked Questions

BVS Global has years of experience in handling attestation of valuable certificates and documents legitimately, keeping in mind the security concerns and customer requirements.

How can we attest Bachelor degree certificates in UAE?

Foreign  documents must be attested finally from the Ministry of foreign affairs  of UAE. The Ministry of foreign Affairs UAE will demand a UAE Embassy stamp  from the country of origin. BVS Global can be reliable to partner to  perform both the tasks.

For Example

  • Degree certificate attestation for UK – Solicitor + FCO +UAE Embassy in London + Ministry Of foreign Affairs, UAE
  • Degree  certificate attestation for USA – Notary + Secretary Of State Department of State + UAE Embassy Washington DC  + Ministry Of foreign Affairs, UAE
  • Degree certificate attestation for India – Notary + Mantralaya + MEA + UAE Embassy Delhi / Mumbai + Ministry Of foreign Affairs, UAE
Can I attest the originals or photocopies of the Bachelor degree certificates in UAE?

Yes  we can attest, however Type of document and the province of document  origin determines the process. Please contact our customer service for  Bachelor degree certificate attestation procedure, fees, and turnaround  time.

Where can I apply for Bachelor degree certificate attestation?

Bachelor  degree Certificate attestation procedure depends upon the purpose and  document. It can be done through a government department or may go up to  multiple departments. BVS global helps to ease the process and apply  through all the different government departments on your behalf and get  the attestation done without any hassles. We are a one stop shop for all  kinds of attestation.

What are the requirements for Bachelor degree certificate attestation in UAE?
  • Original Bachelor degree Certificate (for certain cases we don’t need the original) Declaration form
  • Valid Passport or Emirates id (copy)
  • Bachelor degree Certificate Attestation / Legalization fees
What is Embassy / consulate attestation for Academic certificate?

Legalization of the document by an Embassy/Consulate of a country done specifically  for use of document in that respective country