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Embassy & Consulate Attestation in UAE

BVS Global has years of experience  in handling attestation of valuable certificates and documents  legitimately, keeping in mind the security concerns and customer  requirements


Embassy & Consulate Attestation in UAE

1) Personal

Birth certificate, medical certificate, death certificate, employment certificate, and others

2) Educational

Marksheets, school certificates, degree certificates, diploma certificates

3) Commercial

Power of attorney, business incorporation certificate, invoices, tax number

Certification attestation is a must for:

Are you looking to travel to a foreign nation? If yes, you will need to apply for a visa. Irrespective of the type of visa you apply for, the foreign nation will only issue you a visa if all your documents are proper. If you are applying for a family visa, then it is necessary to get your marriage certificate and your child’s birth certificate attested.

For a seamless immigration to your dream destination, Embassy attestation or Consulate attestation is a must.

If you are wondering where to get your documents and certificates attested in UAE, BVS Global is your one-stop-shop. BVS Global is a leading name when it comes to any type of certificate attestation in UAE. Whether you are planning to shift from UAE to a foreign nation or relocate from your home country to UAE, BVS global provides assistance for everything.

Process & Requirements

Our Process and Requirements

Depending on the type of certificates and documents you want to get attested, the requirements would differ. However, by and large the overall process remains the same. At BVS Global, we follow a sequence of steps which makes the process of attestation a seamless one for you.

Here is the 8-step process which we follow for attestation of documents and certificates.

Step 1: Purpose of your application

The most important step towards getting your certificates attested is knowing the purpose behind the same. Before proceeding with the attestation process, BVS Global would require crystal clear clarity about why you need to get your certificates attested. Knowing this would help us serve you much better.

Step 2: Providing complete information

Once we have complete clarity about the purpose of your application, we give you all the information regarding forms to be filled, documents to be submitted, and of course the fee structure. We communicate everything upfront before starting the process of attestation to avoid any hassles and confusions later on.

Step 3: The timeline

We give you a timeline so that you get an estimate about when you can expect the attestation of the documents to be complete. We are extremely particular about deadlines and ensure that the task is completed within the given timeframe.

Step 4: Submission and verification of documents

Once we receive a go ahead from your end, we collect all the necessary documents from you. Once this is done, we verify the same. If there are any discrepancies, we communicate the same to you immediately in order to avoid any problems later on.

Step 5: Form filling

Once all the documentations are correct, we fill the necessary online form on your behalf. We enter all your credentials correctly based on the documents you have given us. Once all the details are entered, we send you the form for a final check. Any corrections/changes you communicate are incorporated in the form.

Step 6: Submission of the form

Once you give us a green signal, we proceed with the submission of the form for Embassy attestation or Consulate attestation.

Step 7: Persistent follow-up

Our process doesn’t end with form submission. We go the extra mile and persistently follow-up with the officials of the Embassy to check for the status of the application.

Step 8: Updates regarding your application

At BVS Global, our work doesn’t stop unless you receive the attested certificates and documents in hand. A designated manager from our end is in frequent touch with you to communicate the progress of your application. We also give you a tentative date by which you would receive the attested certificates at your home.

It is due to these precise and exact steps that we are able to give you a seamless and hassle-free attestation experience. Our robust process helps us to convert a tedious and exhausting process of certificate attestation into an easy, convenient and time saving one.

How can we help?

Being a top-notch attestation services provider in UAE, we handle different types of attestation and assist individuals to get their certificates attested from the Embassy or Consulate easily.

Wondering how we can help you? Let us look how we can.

Eliminate the complexities from attestation

Most individuals feel that getting certificates and documents attested is an extremely easy task. However, in reality it is quite tedious and a time-consuming process. At BVS Global, we aim to eliminate all complexities from the attestation process and make it extremely easy for you. This ensures that the entire attestation process becomes a seamless one without any hassles.

Save valuable time

In today’s world, time is the most important factor for any individual and business too. At BVS Global, we value time more than anything. We help you save time which otherwise you would unnecessarily spend while completing the documentations all by yourself. The time saved by you can be invested in doing something more productive.

Start to end assistance

We just don’t give advice; we do all the hard work on your behalf. We support you throughout the process of attestation from start to end. We never leave you halfway in between. Once we take up an attestation task, we don’t stop unless you receive the attested documents in your hand. From form filling to Embassy appointments, we do everything.

Uninterrupted communication

A dedicated and experienced manager would communicate to you everything about your attestation application. The communication may be in the form of phone calls, text messages or emails.

Budget friendly pricing

If you are someone who is feeling that we would charge a lot for the attestation services, then you are highly mistaken. At BVS Global, we don’t believe in charging an exorbitantly high amount from you. All we charge is a nominal fee which we communicate to you upfront. In addition, we do not have any extra charges or hidden charges.


BVS Global is a company known for its professional nature and attitude. We follow a professional approach for anything we do and not just attestation services alone.

Wide range of attestation services

BVS Global offers a wide array of attestation services. These include attestation of commercial certificates, educational certificates, and personal certificates.

Client centric approach

At BVS Global, we follow a client-centric approach. Everything we do revolves around our clients.

Comprehensive Support

At BVS Global, we offer complete support all 7 days a week. We take care of any queries or concerns almost immediately. This reduces the waiting time.

Streamlined and powerful process

At BVS Global, we have all the steps for every attestation service listed down. A powerful and streamlined process ensures that things get done pretty quickly.

Complete security

In today’s modern tech savvy world, data vulnerabilities and thefts are common around the world. Choosing BVS Global as your attestation services partner ensures complete safety and security. All your personal credentials are safe with us

Genuine and trustworthy

Being a part of the attestation world for such a long time, BVS Global is a genuine and trustworthy service provider.

Home pickup and drop

No matter where you are located in the UAE, our team would get in touch with you and arrange for pickup and drop of documents at your doorstep. Whether you want us to send our executive at your workplace or home, we have the manpower to arrange for everything.