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Golden Visa Services From UAE.

The United Arab Emirates’ Golden Visa system represents a revolutionary approach to long-term residency for investors, entrepreneurs, specialized talents, researchers in various fields of science and knowledge, and outstanding performers. If you are in search of golden visa services from UAE, then BVS Global is the right immigration company for you. 

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Golden visa application – Dubai, UAE underscores the UAE’s commitment to attracting and retaining high-caliber individuals, contributing to the nation’s ambitious vision for a diversified and globally competitive economy. 

BVS Global emerges as your premier partner for UAE Golden Visa services and to steer the complexities of Golden Visa UAE application, offering unparalleled expertise and a seamless service experience. With a legacy of over 10 years in various business service solutions, our expansion into UAE Golden Visa application aims to facilitate your aspirations for a stable and prosperous future in the UAE.

UAE Golden Visa is designed for individuals who wish to make a significant contribution to the UAE’s socio-economic setting, it offers long-term residency of 5 to 10 years, renewable based on the same criteria. The Golden visa services in Abu Dhabi, UAE initiative not only facilitates ease of doing business and living but also extends its benefits to family members, guaranteeing a stable and secure future for you and your loved ones.

Three Steps for the UAE Golden Visa Application

The UAE Golden Visa is more than just a residency permit; it’s a gateway to a host of opportunities and benefits.

Eligibility Assessment & Documentation Preparation

Before your Golden Visa UAE application, understanding your eligibility is necessary. After evaluation we guide you through the various categories eligible for the Golden Visa. Whether you're an investor, entrepreneur, or possess exceptional talents, our team assists in preparing and verifying all necessary documentation, for an easy application process.

Application Submission & Processing

With your documents in hand, the next step is the submission of your Golden Visa application. As the reliable Golden Visa consultancy in UAE, we take the lead, liaising with UAE immigration authorities on your behalf. Our expertise in handling the legal procedures of the UAE makes certain that your golden visa application is processed efficiently, without unnecessary delays

Status Monitoring and Finalization

Throughout the UAE Golden visa process, BVS Global keeps you informed through every step of the way. Our status monitoring provides you real-time updates on your golden visa application, offering clarity. Upon approval, we can then assist with the finalization of your residency status, culminating in the issuance of your UAE Golden Visa.

Key Features of Golden Visa UAE

Eligibility Categories

The Golden Visa is available to investors, entrepreneurs, specialized talents, scientists, and outstanding students.


The UAE Golden Visa services offers the stability of long-term residency, with 5 to 10-year options that are renewable.

Family Inclusion

Extend the benefits of your UAE Golden Visa to family members, ensuring their security and stability in the UAE.

Property Investment

For investors, owning property in the UAE can be a pathway for streamlining the Golden Visa UAE Application.
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No Sponsor Required

Unlike standard UAE residency permits, the UAE Golden Visa does not require a sponsor, offering greater independence.

Business Benefits

Entrepreneurs and investors gain access to a beneficial business ecosystem, with the ease of initiating and operating businesses in the UAE.

Why Choose BVS Global as your Golden Visa Consultancy in UAE ?

#1. Expert Guidance

Leveraging 14 years of experience in worldwide business service solutions, BVS Global offers unmatched expertise in the Golden Visa UAE application process

#2. Comprehensive Support

From eligibility assessment to documentation preparation and application submission, we provide end-to-end support, promising a hassle-free experience.

#3. Tailored Solutions

BVS Global as your trusted Golden Visa Consultants in Dubai offers customized services tailor-made to your specific Golden Visa requirements.

#4. Global Presence, Local Expertise

While BVS Global operates worldwide, our in-depth understanding of the worldwide regulatory context enables us to handle the legalities of UAE Golden Visa Process.

#5. Customer-Centric Approach

At BVS Global, our clients' satisfaction is paramount. We are adamant on providing a seamless service experience, prioritizing your convenience for UAE Golden Visa Application.

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Our Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Golden Visa, and who is eligible to apply for it in the UAE?
The Golden Visa is a long-term residency permit in the UAE designed for investors, entrepreneurs, specialized talents, researchers, and outstanding students who contribute significantly to the nation's economy and knowledge base.
What are the benefits of the Golden Visa compared to other residency permits in the UAE?
The Golden Visa offers long-term residency of 5 to 10 years, renewable based on the same criteria, without the need for a sponsor. It also extends benefits to family members and provides stability for investors and entrepreneurs.
How does BVS Global assist individuals in obtaining a Golden Visa in the UAE?
BVS Global provides comprehensive assistance, including eligibility assessment, documentation preparation, application submission, and status monitoring, ensuring a seamless and efficient process.
What documents are required to apply for a Golden Visa through BVS Global?
The required documents vary depending on the eligibility category but may include proof of investment, business ownership, academic achievements, or specialized talents.
Can investors obtain a Golden Visa by owning property in the UAE?
Yes, property investment in the UAE can be a pathway to obtaining a Golden Visa, providing investors with long-term residency benefits.
How long does it take to process a Golden Visa application in the UAE?
The processing time for a Golden Visa application varies but is typically expedited with BVS Global's expertise for efficient handling and minimal delays.
What are the renewal options for the Golden Visa in the UAE?
The Golden Visa offers renewal options of 5 to 10 years based on the same eligibility criteria, providing continued stability and residency benefits for individuals and their families.