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How to avoid these 10 common interview mistakes job hunters do

Getting to the interview stage of a job hunt takes a lot of effort. It would be so unfortunate to get there only to blow the opportunity with avoidable mistakes. Just imagine drafting your resume, moving around town giving your credentials like birth certificate attestation for UAE and lack of feedback from the majority of the companies you applied to and then throw this one golden chance down the drain.

How you behave during an interview is considered as a “sample” of what you can actually do. Show them that hiring you is the best thing they can ever do. Don’t commit these mistakes:

Looking uninterested

Attend the interview on time, dress properly and turn your phone off. Be intelligent in your asking and answering questions. Do not ask questions out of the topic and drive conversations away from they should.

Lack of Preparation

Match the requirements of the job opportunity with your personality. Research the probable questions you might be asked during the interview and find answers to them. Also know as much as possible about your potential employer.

Sharing Too Much Information

An interview is not the place to spill your guts. This does not mean you lie either. Allow the interviewer to ask what they want to know. Answer and stop talking and wait…

Having a Body Language That is Negative

By avoiding eye contact, never smiling, or give a limp handshake you will be showing lack of interest or look strange. Be enthusiastic in your body language.

Having and Asking Wrong Questions  

Having no questions says to the prospective employer that you are not interested. Having wrong questions will equally negatively impact your score. Ask relevant questions. You can achieve this through a research.

Getting Angry

If you are upset because of some reason, don’t carry your anger into the compound of a prospective employer. You will not get hired if you show any traces of anger. Angry people are not fun to work with and might abuse fellow staff and stuff at the workplace.

Behaving Inappropriately

You should not attempt entertaining your host unless if you are seeking an entertainment post. Flirting is a no-go zone. Don’t do it to the security guard or the receptionist. You can save your drama and flirt for another day after getting the job.

Failure to get Contact Information

If you are employed give your business card and collect contact information from your interviewer(s). This will place you in a position to know who to call after the interview. Also, ask for the next step at the end of the interview.

Not Following up

Leading the interview room and waiting for the offer is not good enough. You need to follow up. Send a thank you note and ask when you should expect from them.

Failing to Know That Interviews are two Way

You are not the only one trying to sell yourself. You should ask questions to understand if the people you are going to work with are your suit. Ask about your safety, parking and other factors that might have an impact on your working life. Get your  Birth certificate attestation for UAE services before you get the offer.


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