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How to easily secure a Dubai visa

Are you planning to visit Dubai but curious about the whole process? Well, you need to go through a comprehensive visa application process. The visa application process changes. So, it pays to be abreast with such changes. You need updated information on how to easily secure a Dubai visa. The process requires some processes that can get overwhelming. So, getting assistance from a professional agency will come in handy. Here are expert views on getting your visa application approved.

Visa application guide

All visa applications to the United Arab Emirates are submitted online through an electronic visa application system. The application can be submitted to a credible and repute visa processing agent. Once your application is successful, you have to get a print out of your visa. This will come in handy at the immigration department. The visa application fee is non-refundable and you can pay online through Master Card or VISA credit and debit card. Using the services of a processing agency requires budgeting for some extra funds.

Filling the application form

The visa application form should be completed with utmost care. The forms are free can be uploaded from an authorized visa agent. Ensure to contact a reputable visa agent during business hours. Other requirements include:

  • Signed and completed visa application form
  • 6 months valid passport from the date of departure
  • Confirmation of ticket booking with an airline
  • Clear passport photos with white background
  • All necessary support documents

Professional assistance with paperwork

The visa application process requires a variety of support documents. These have to be authenticated to prove that they’re genuine. The best idea is to get visa assistance services UAE ( from a professional agency with the right expertise and experience. These will save you from the costly and frustrating experience if you decide to handle the process on your own. A reputed attestation agency will secure the right base regarding support documents since they know the immigration rules and procedures.

Applying for your visa online is unbelievably easy. You just have to send the documents mentioned and wait for your visa. This usually takes about 4 to 6 working days. A reliable agency will help you get your visa in no time at the best possible rates. A unique application ID is generated once your application is in the queue for processing. This ID is generated with the passport number that you use to check the status of your visa with a simple click.

Tips for fast visa approval

Ensure to keep a clean record and avoid errors in your application. You have higher chances if you have no cases of a criminal offense and bank fraud history. Your copies of necessary documents and passport photo should be clear and without blurring when submitting them for the visa application process. Check that you canceled your visa if you’ve ever lived in Dubai. This will increase your chances of getting your new visa approved. Additionally, be truthful about your reason to visit Dubai. You risk getting blacklisted in case lies are discovered in your application.


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