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BVS Global has years of experience  in handling attestation of valuable certificates and documents  legitimately, keeping in mind the security concerns and customer  requirements


Embassy & Consulate Attestation in UAE

Process & Requirements

Our Process and Requirements

Depending on the type of Indian certificates and documents to be attested, the process would slightly differ. However, for most part, the entire process remains the same.

You should submit the following documents for timely completion of your Bachelor degree certificate attestation for use in UAE:

Original certificate(s)

Passport copy

Declaration form

Power of Attorney (if required)

The Process

Understanding your requirements

Before proceeding with the actual attestation process, it is essential to understand your requirements. We need to know which Indian certificates and documents you need to get attested. We also need to know the purpose behind the attestation of documents – student visa, resident visa, business visa, tourist visa, etc. Once we understand the requirement, we take up the attestation task.

Checking the certificates to be attested

Once we are clear on the type of certificates to be attested, we ask you to submit copies of the same. On receiving the copies, we scrutinize them closely. Any discrepancies are immediately communicated to. Once all the documents / certificates are received properly from your end, we proceed further.

Form filling

We fill the application form for the certificates to be attested on your behalf. We enter the details as given in the documents to us by you. Once we fill up the form, we send it to you for final checking. Any correction or changes suggested by you are incorporated in the form before we submit it.

Certification from a Notary Public

The first key step towards attestation of your certificates / documents is to get them certified and verified by a Notary Public so that they can be accepted for state level attestation in India.

State Level attestation

If the certificates that are to be attested are educational (degree / diploma), they need to be first attested by the Human Resource Department (HRD) of the state from where they were issued.

If the certificates that are to be attested are personal and non-educational ones, attestation from the State Home Department from where the documents were issued has to be done.

For attestation of commercial documents, authentication by the Chamber of Commerce is needed.

Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) attestation

Once the certificates to be attested are done through the State attestation stage, the MEA in India will affix a stamp on the certificates to legalize them.

UAE Embassy attestation in India

Once the MEA has legalized the certificates, the UAE Embassy affixes a stamp on the certificates. Each stamp has a unique number using which its authenticity can be verified by the foreign country.

Once the UAE Embassy in India attests the certificates, they are shipped to UAE.

Indian Certificate Attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in UAE

The MOFA is the single final authority that performs the last checks on the certificates to be attested and authorized for use in UAE. Once the certificates are attested by the MOFA, they are valid for use anywhere in UAE.

Is the thought of getting your Indian certificates and documents attested bothering you? Don’t worry, BVS Global is there at your service. While most Indian residents get tensed and worried at the thought of getting their certificates attested for use in UAE, BVS Global is there to help individuals complete the entire process in a hassle-free way.Want to know how we can assist you in getting all your Indian certificates and documents attested? Here is how we can help you.

Safety and Security

One of the most important things that we pay attention to during attestation of your Indian certificates is safety and security. We value your privacy and the trust you have shown by sharing your personal information and credentials with us. It is something we never compromise on and all your sensitive information remains safe and secure with us.

No involvement of any third-party

There are many Indian certificate attestation providers in UAE. What makes us different from many of them is the fact that with BVS Global there is no involvement of any third-party or external agency. We do everything in-house since we have the adequate manpower and the latest technology to do so.

Competitive pricing

At BVS Global, we have a fixed pricing structure for all our attestation services. A fixed pricing model ensures that there are no issues later on. We don’t believe in charging an exorbitantly high amount for any of our services. This is the reason why we only charge a nominal fee for attestation services.

Complete transparency

At BVS Global, one of our major strengths is transparency. We are completely transparent about everything in the attestation process – from start to end. We don’t hide anything from you and communicate everything in a crystal-clear manner.

Speedy response

Whether you have any questions or queries pertaining to the attestation process or the documents needed, we answer all of them within the shortest possible time frame.

Flexible payment options

At BVS Global, we don’t expect you to make the entire payment upfront. Hence, we offer you flexible payment options as well.


BVS Global is a one-stop-shop for all your Indian certificate attestation needed. Whether you are looking to get your educational, personal, or commercial documents attested, we do everything from start to finish.

No hidden costs

One of the key reasons why people hire us for attestation work is that with BVS Global there are no hidden charges or extra cost. Whatever the charges are, we communicate it at the start.

On time completion of tasks

BVS Global has a reputation of completing all attestation jobs on time. Only in a rare scenario will there be a delay, which we communicate to you with the exact cause for the same.

Expert staff to handle your documents

In today’s world, where security breaches and thefts are so common, BVS Global has skilled experts and experienced professionals to handle your documents with care.


Another crucial reason why BVS Global is a leading name in certificate attestation is the professional approach shown at every stage of the process.