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Getting a Certificate Attestation by yourself is quite similar to planning your wedding.

If the soon-to-be-wedded groom or bride keeps running from pillar to post to make all the arrangements themselves, then apart from losing ample energy, they also risk the most important thing on their special day – their peace of mind.

This is precisely where experienced and professional wedding planners come to their rescue.

Whether it’s the arrangement of caterers, photographers, chauffeurs, or make-up artists, an expert wedding planner has everyone on their speed dial. In short, things run with clockwork precision, freeing up the precious time of the groom or the bride for other crucial tasks in the run-up to their special day.


It’s common knowledge that individuals who are traveling abroad need to complete certain mandatory procedures. Certificate Attestation is one of them.

  1. Who is it for:

People who are traveling on long-term visas namely,



Student etc

Why is it needed:

Applicants submit various types of paperwork that are broadly categorized as Personal, Educational, or Commercial documents.

To ensure the credibility of each document, they need to be attested by various approving/issuing authorities.

  1. Time required:

It could take several weeks discounting the amount of time that is wasted in reworking, resubmission for approval, and the applicable wait time. This is applicable for individuals who lack requisite knowledge and expertise but still try to do everything on their own.

  1. How is Attestation done:

Contrary to what people think, attestation of documents is a complex chain of myriad processes. This is because the documents are not attested from a single point of contact.

This is just like the example of the arrangement of vendors for any wedding. Issuing authorities for different certificates are scattered all over the place. They also have their respective turn-around times.


A document may go through different levels of attestation depending on its type. This is a general overview.

  1. Regional Level: At this level, the local issuing authorities approve the credibility of the documents. See the table below for more details as per the type of documents:
Sr. No.Type of DocumentIssuing Authority
1PersonalNotary/Government Body
2EducationalUniversity or Board
3CommercialChamber of Commerce

1. State Level: Three different organizations can give attestation at this level. They are:

Home Department/ Department of state etc.

 2. Central Level: Furthermore, the document at this level is verified by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA/DFAT/FCO etc.). After the document is cleared by the M.E.A with a stamp, it will still need to be verified by the Embassy.

3. Embassy Attestation: This attestation is done by the Consular of the country you will be visiting. The proof of this verification is the stamp provided on the document by the Embassy.

3. Gulf Attestation: In case the applicant is traveling to any country which is a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council, then the document could attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (M.O.F.A)

Please note that the M.E.A and the Embassies do not accept individual requests. They may be approached through qualified and reputable attestation agents.

Attestation of documents is generally done only once or twice by travelers. There is a ton of information available on official websites. However, you may like to consider the cumbersome execution process which could possibly entail:

Visits to different authorities

Tracking of various documents

Tracking respective turnaround time

Following-up with different sites over phone/email

Unnecessary rework due to lack of knowledge/experience


Whether you are traveling overseas as a student, a professional, or a business person, you may like to avoid unnecessary delays and fatigue from running around.

BVS Global has earned the trust of thousands of clients in the UAE and across the world for our professional attestation services. Here’s how we do it:

Your Data is Secure: No more worrying about tracking and checking the whereabouts of every original document. Our robust security system also includes the cybersecurity component which is fully data-theft proof.

Attestation Simplified: The professionals at BVS are well-versed with the minutest of details regarding attestation of a range of documents at any given level.

Stay On-Top: Our transparent and professional approach has earned our clients’ respect because we maintain transparency every step of the way.

Dedicated single-point-of-contact: Every client is assigned a dedicated expert which gives ensures convenience and peace of mind for the client throughout the attestation process.

Verification & Audits: In line with industry standards, we conduct thorough verification as well as cross and reverse audits.

Reach Out at Any Time: Our professionally run service centers are available 7 days a week including public holidays. We are here to address and resolve any queries that you may have during the attestation process.

BVS Global delivers speedy execution of transactions while maintaining complete transparency. We do this by using BVS Pay which removes the need for drafting cheques, transmitting cash, and invoices for the customer.

Ensure a one visit closure of your attestation requirement by reaching out to BVS Global and availing our Certificate Attestation Services today.

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