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Key Services by Public Relation Officer in UAE

Company and Regulatory Compliance

In the UAE, a Public Relations Officer (PRO) makes certain that businesses comply with local regulations. This includes assisting with the formation of companies and branches, obtaining necessary trade licenses, and securing regulatory approvals and NOC letters. Our PROs manage paperwork and communicate with the government, enabling companies to lawfully operate within the rules and regulations of the United Arab Emirates.

Visa and Immigration Assistance

BVS Global's PRO services cover the management of visa and immigration processes in the UAE. We secure resident and employee visas, manage visa renewals and cancellations, and obtain labor and immigration cards. Our PROs also assist with the application and renewal of Emirates ID cards. This gives that all employees and residents have the necessary documentation to live and work legally in the UAE.

Family and Personal Services

In addition to handling work-related visas, PROs also manage family visas, so that employees can bring their family members to live with them. They assist with document attestation, making sure that all personal and professional documents are legally recognized. This service is necessary for expatriates who need to validate their documents for various purposes, including education, employment and permanent residency.

Media Relations and Crisis Management

PROs are essential in managing an organization’s relationship with the media. They draft press releases, coordinate press conferences, and handle media inquiries for positive coverage. In times of crisis, PROs develop and implement communication strategies to address public and media concerns, prepare official statements, and manage social media communications, helping to protect the organization’s reputation.

Public Event Management

Public Event coordination is another aspect of PRO services. PROs organize and manage events such as product launches, conferences, and community engagement activities. They handle the logistics, secure venues, coordinate with vendors, and manage invitations. Successful event management helps to enhance the organization’s public image and create relationships with key stakeholders.

Financial and Security Services

PROs also assist with financial and security-related processes, such as opening corporate bank accounts and obtaining offshore and security passes. We will verify if financial transactions are conducted legally and securely. Additionally, they manage the approval and renewal of trade licenses, so that the organization’s operations remain compliant with local regulations.

What Does a PRO Do in the UAE?

In business setup, particularly  the UAE, PRO refers to services that deal with company registration, visas, and other documentation. Mostly a Public Relations Officer (PRO) focuses on communication and reputation management.

Business PRO services handle legalities as a government affairs consultant and mitigate company formation, employee and employer visa services and license renewals.

Why Choose Us For Corporate PRO services in UAE?

#1. Perfect Partner

With our partnership, you can eliminate the need to deal with multiple vendors. We handle everything from company formation and licensing to visas and work permits in the UAE.

#2. One-Stop-Platform

BVS Global is your one-stop-solution for streamlining global government affairs, business operation and personal requirements. This enables us to be an efficient PRO services company in the UAE.

#3. Cost-Effective Options

You can avail all of our services at affordable pricing with transparency. We provide a clear price structure at the beginning and will be always upfront about the additional costs.

#4. Industry Experts

Years of experience has handed us the long-standing reputation for professionalism, quality servicing and consistent support.

#5. Personalized Services

BVS Global understands and adapts to the needs of personal or corporate needs of every one of our clients as a professional PRO consultant.

Our Array of PRO services in UAE

BVS Global offers the following and more PRO services in the United Arab Emirates:

Corporate PRO services


Employee & Staff PRO Services


Family Visa PRO Services


Company Formation & Registration


License Renewal & Paperwork


Investor Visa Services

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Our Frequently Asked Questions

BVS Global has years of experience in handling attestation of valuable certificates and documents legitimately, keeping in mind the security concerns and customer requirements.

What is the full form of PRO services
The full form of PRO services is Public Relations Officer services.
Why do I need PRO services in the UAE?
PRO service in the UAE involves handling all necessary government-related documentation and legal paperwork for businesses. This includes company registration, visa processing, licensing, and compliance with local regulations. You need PRO services so that your business operations comply with UAE laws and to streamline time-consuming government relations firm processes.
What are business PRO services in UAE.
Business PRO services in the UAE involve managing government-related documentation and legal requirements for companies. These services include company registration, visa processing, license renewals. PRO services deal with administrative processes, allowing businesses to operate efficiently and lawfully in the UAE.
How can BVS Global assist with visa and immigration services?
BVS Global's PRO services cover the entire spectrum of visa and immigration processes. We handle resident and employee visas, visa renewals, and cancellations. Additionally, we manage the issuance and renewal of Emirates ID cards and obtain labor and immigration cards.
Can BVS Global help with personal and family-related services?
Yes, BVS Global provides personal and family-related PRO services. We manage family visa applications, so that employees can bring their family members to the UAE. We also assist with document attestation, making sure all personal and professional documents are legally recognized for various purposes such as education, employment and permanent residency.