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Procedure for attestation of certificates for USA in UAE

The attestation process for certificates can be very arduous and time-consuming. There are many formal processes and departments to go through when you need a US certificate attestation for UAE. As an applicant, you are expected to be aware of the guidelines and to follow them. When the authorities specify what needs to be done, you are required to do it.

This is primarily the reason why those who are applying for a certificate attestation hire a professional service to take care of everything for them.

Attestation-Required Documents and Certificates

Here are the three types of documents that may need attestation for various reasons:

  • Educational Certificates
  • Non-educational Certificates
  • Commercial Documents

Certificate Attestation Criteria

The process of certificate attestation is different from one country to another. There might be a few conditions that dictate these differences. However, there is some kind of universal criteria for certificate attestation:

  • The type of document that needs attestation
  • Which country the document comes from (in this case the UAE)
  • Which country is requesting for the document attestation (in this case the USA)

The Process of Certificate Attestation

While the whole process of attestation is different in many countries, here are some of the basic steps that need to be done when getting it done in UAE.

Step #1:

Find out if your country is a member of Hague Convention Member Countries. There may be a lot of differences in the process of attestation for member countries and for those that are non-members. If you have a document that needs to be attested and your country is not a member of Hague Convention, you will need to seek a computer-generated stamp so the document will be legally accepted by a Hague Convention member country.

Step #2:

The next step is to send the certificate or the document to the department office it is relevant to. As we have mentioned that there are primarily 3 types of certificates, they need to be sent to their respective departments.

Educational Certificates: These certificates need to go to the department that is concerned with the issuance of anything that has to do with education.

Non-Educational Certificates: These certificates need to go to the Home Affairs Department or the likes.

Commercial Certificates: These certificates needs to go to the Chamber of Commerce of UAE.

Step #3:

When the documents are successfully attested by the state or country authorities in UAE, they are then sent to the Foreign Affairs Department for additional attestation.

Step #4:

When the Foreign Affairs Department is done attesting the document, the applicant must then send the document to the country’s Embassy, in this case, the USA that requested for the attestation.

Step #5:

When that is done, you can now submit the documents to the foreign affairs department of UAE to finally complete the whole process.

The process above is quite simple. If you want, you can follow them on your own. However, you can skip the complications and complex process if you hire a professional service that will do the whole process of getting a US certificate attestation for the UAE.


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