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The basics of birth certificate attestation for UAE

By simple definition, a birth certificate is considered as one of the most essential legal and official documentation that validates a person’s identity, especially their place and date of birth. This is why it is important to get a birth certificate attestation for UAE visaif you have plans of staying there for work. Getting a birth certificate attested will render it a genuine and official document.

The Purpose

There are a couple of reasons why one needs to undergo birth certificate attestation. First, it is required when a child needs to be admitted to a school in a foreign country. An attested birth certificate will serve as proof of age. Second, it is undoubtedly a requirement if you and your family are looking into having a permanent residence in a foreign country.

To put it simply, attesting a birth certificate is a compulsory step if you are doing something in a foreign country other than being a tourist. There can be various processes of getting a birth certificate attested depending on the country you are using it for.

The Procedure

Once you submit the necessary documents to an attestation company, they are sent for verification from any or all of the following government offices.

  • A Notary Public Verification coming from your home country.
  • An attestation from the Foreign Affairs in your home country.
  • An attestation from the Embassy of your home country.
  • Verification from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the intended country.

The Requirements

The requirements needed to get an attestation are quite simple. You only need two primary documents:

  • The certified original copy of the birth certificate or a verified online-issued one
  • A photocopy of the passport of the one needing an attestation

From case to case, there might be additional documents required but the two above are the most important ones and should not be left out.

Why Get an Attestation in UAE to Work and Live?

If you are planning on working abroad and have your birth certificate attested, you might as well consider working in UAE. In a recent survey, UAE has been in the top spots when it comes to migrant work destinations. It is placed 10th in the survey, overtaking the Czech Republic and Switzerland.

While Singapore is at the number one spot, UAE had the highest score when it comes to the economic aspects such as savings, disposable income, salary growth, entrepreneurship, and career progression.

According to the survey, an expat who works in UAE takes home $127,000 as salary in a year. That is higher than the $100,000 average salary of the whole world.

Aside from this economic advantage, UAE is also a preferred country for those who are looking for security and benefits such as insurance and health care assistance. Additionally, the country also received positive scores in the area of family life. Many people who took the survey said they are satisfied with the country’s child care system and the tolerance and quality of life the government gives its residents.

If you are planning on going to UAE to work or permanently live there, you must get birth certificate attestation for UAE visa.


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