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The process of birth attestation in the UAE

Birth certificates are the very first essential documents each of us is expected to have immediately after birth.Attestation of the certificates as such are fundamental is you are planning to visit, work, or stay in the UAE.

A birth certificate is official evidence used to recognize a newborn baby in the society legally. The all-important document contains among others the date of birth, names of parents, and nationality of the holder. All these features come in handy at later stages in life as the information can be used to facilitate the processing of several other documents among other legal applications. Having a birth certificate is therefore mandatory for everyone regardless of country of origin as they are recognized globally as valid evidence containing data about your being and birth.

Travelling to the UAE comes with the mandate of meeting all the regulations set by the countries for anyone who wants to visit or live in the Persian Gulf nation. The most fundamental of all the procedures lay in having authentic documents which in turn provide you with the privilege to have the required travel documents. Thanks to the Hague convention of 1961, different governments now recognize one another’s documents as long as they have been attested. Document attestation is, therefore, the first procedure you must go through if you are to have a peaceful and hassle-free movement into the UAE.

If you are travelling with your young ones, then birth certificate attestation for UAE is mandatory if you are expecting to acquire a family visa. Birth certificates require double authentication, first by your home country government and by the UAE where you are applying to visit or stay. The first attestation proves the document was received in accordance with your home country’s laws while the second affirms the authenticity of the document.

Apostilles are always very complicated processes which call for handling by professionals who understand the different procedures required for different documents. Running from one embassy and state department to another as you seek to complete all the required attestation is very exhausting and frustrating. If you have any documents that you want to be attested including birth certificate attestation for UAE settling for experts will give you better results in shorter periods. Instead of gambling with a lot of paperwork let industrial gurus who have proven records to handle your requirements as you plan for the upcoming trip.

UAE, in particular, has set fool-proof systems to guide their attestation processes where you can easily miss the details and end up with rejected papers. A company that handles birth certificate attestation for UAE bring with them specialized solutions that ensure the process is successful. If you are moving to the UAE as an expatriate, the attestation of your children’s birth certificates will also go a long way when registering them for education in the country. Depending on your country of origin there are set procedures and requirements whenever you need attestation services. A general requirement for authenticating birth certificates is usually the original certificate, a passport copy of the certificate holder, and declaration form or power of attorney under some circumstances.


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