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Vital aspects to be aware of when migrating to the UAE

Recognized by many as a nation thriving with opportunities, the United Arab Emirates are a popular destination for migrant population. The country presents individuals with fabulous prospects for career advancements while also flaunting an exciting lifestyle. This is precisely why so many people enlist the aid of visa services in Dubai when plotting their move to the UAE.

If you are planning such a move, it would be helpful to read on and acquaint yourself with some of the fundamental aspects to be aware of when migrating to Dubai.

The trials involved in seeking your UAE visa

Before journeying to Dubai, you must research your visa requirements. Right from the purpose of your visit, to the duration of your stay and the pre-requisites of a residence permit. You must be aware of the subtle intricacies of applying for the type of visa you shall need to settle in the country. A lot of people are unaware of the fact that a residence visa demands a sponsor. Moreover, it only permits you residence for approximately two to three years.

Should you be moving for furthering your career, your sponsor can be your present or future employer. If not, it could be a spouse or even a parent who happens to be working in the country.

You shall need an Emirates ID

The Emirates ID is a chief document for your identification and is given out by the authorities to every citizen as well as lawful residents in the country. Interestingly, seeking this ID is possible when you have crossed age 15; but the card shall be subject to your current visa status. For instance, any time you get a visa renewal, your Emirates ID shall have to be reissued.

While you shall have to submit an electronic form when you apply for this ID, you shall need to carry a current passport that also has your visa. The process may seem complicated, which is why it may be prudent to seek the aid of professional visa consultants to complete this task.

Health tests are necessary for the visa process

Getting your visa is subject to a number of health tests. You shall have to undergo a screening for a number of infectious diseases. These include HIV, tuberculosis that necessitates you submitting a blood sample and undergoing x?rays. Provided you pass these tests you shall be one step close to obtaining your residence visa.

A life in Dubai is preferred by many for an improved standard of living, world class amenities in residential developments and a blossoming work culture. Yet a lot of individuals prefer availing visa services in Dubai to make their move to the country a smoother process.


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