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5 Key Things to Make Immigration a Positive Experience for YOU

Five key things to make immigration a positive experience for you

As a first time overseas traveler, do you feel mild bouts of a panic attack or non-stop nervous rumblings in the stomach at the thought of immigration?

It’s OK! This article will help you.

Most first-time travelers share similar feelings.

Most applications struggle due to inexperience and inadequate knowledge about the process.

The Immigration process not only protects the citizens of the host country but also safeguards your interests as a traveler. Many individuals travel abroad but not everyone has good intentions. Immigration Officers work hard in the line of defense to keep the unscrupulous elements out of their country thereby ensuring the safety of their citizens and valuable guests such as yourself.

Watch out for these 5 common mistakes to ensure a smoother immigration process:

  1. Guess Work: Guessing the answers to the questions posed by the Immigration Officer is a terrible idea. It could make the officer suspicious and he/she may invoke Secondary-level inspection. In case, you are unsure, simply admit that you don’t know the answer.
  2. Rambling: Respect the time of the Immigration Officer by concisely answering the questions without digressing.

Avoid going off tangent or sharing excessive details when not asked for.

  1. Forgotten/Missing Documents: This is one of the biggest blunders which some applicants make. Forgetting to carry requisite documents may lead to rescheduling or cancellation of the immigration interview.
  2. Lying to the Immigration Officer: The immigration officers know everything about you that you think is worth hiding – almost everything! They are also trained to adequately read your body language. Any attempts to lie or cover up the truth can lead to suspicion and thus potential rejection which could be applicable for future visits too.
  3. Rude Behavior: Surprising as it may sound, some people come across as arrogant or brash when they are trying too hard to project confidence. Needless to add that it only makes the process more stressful for them. The thumb rule is to be kind and respectful instead of being perceived as a person with a sense of entitlement.

These are just a few examples of critical aspects on which our clients at BVS Global are adequately trained by our experts.

5 Tips to Help You Sail Smoothly

It might be worthwhile to note that the immigration officers know more about you than they care to show. Their computers are updated in real time with every possible information on travelers to an intricate network of global databases.

Given below is a checklist to help you prepare well for the immigration process:

  1. Be Congruent: The information shared during the application must match the answers you give during the immigration interview. Let’s assume, you had mentioned in your application that your stay will be for 30 days, and during the interview, you tell them it might take 90 days, then the mismatch in your answer may lead to further scrutiny.
  2. Necessary Documents: It’s best to follow the checklist of necessary documents provided to you during the application process. Since the usage of mobile phones is disallowed in the immigration centers, it is advisable to keep a hard copy of important details such as:
  1. Place of residence in the country of visit
  2. Name & address of the office
  3. Resident contact person
  4. Phone numbers etc.
  • Be Respectful: The officials behind the counter meet several people throughout the day. It certainly can be a taxing line of work. It’s only wise to be considerate, humble, and respectful to them. Also, it’s good to remember that seeking any form of visa is akin to seeking a benefit from that country.
  1. Research the Questions: Anyone can find the FAQs during the immigration interviews on the web. What most people fail to see is the intentions behind the respective questions. For instance, if an officer casually inquires about your interest in taking up a job while issuing a travel visa to their country, it is crucial to understand his intention behind it.
  2. Fastrack with Credible Professional Help: Although 90% of the immigration process globally is done online these days, applicants get confused for multiple reasons. Primarily, it is because of the various aspects of the process. The overload of information from scammers and amateurs only makes it worse for the applicants. It is important to ensure the credibility of the Immigration Service providers by checking their consistent track record and years of experience.

We hope that the information shared here helps you with your immigration journey. As a market leader in Immigration Services, BVS Global is happy to serve you.

Here’s how we make things simple for you by saving your time, energy, and money:

  • You will have a single point of contact throughout the process. A dedicated, expert officer handling your file end-to-end.
  • The perceived opacity in the immigration process can be taxing for the applicants. With BVS, you can always ask for real-time updates from our customer service center, seven days a week.
  • Your data is an extension of your overall net worth. At BVS Global, your data is secure because of our state-of-the-art latest, secure technology, and streamlined processes. We do not outsource immigration-related assignments to any third-party vendors.
  • We understand that time is of the essence. Therefore, we ensure quick turnarounds for our immigration services.

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