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A quick guide on attestation services in Dubai

All you need to know about Attestation Services in Dubai, UAE

Each year, Dubai welcomes several people from different corners of the world. Some arrive here to explore the beauty of the place while some others have the objective to settle down with a bright business idea. People who wish to settle in Dubai or wish to start a business here need to go through some major checklists. 

The system of the UAE asks such people to get their documents attested from the Consulate Office in the country to prove the authenticity of the documents. It is quite understandable that getting into such a process of attestation can get very daunting. Hence, this is where you require professional help such as that from BVS Global. The professionals are there to help the individuals to get such attestation verifications done for different activities such as immigration, visa processing, business set up, and others. 

Attestation Process in Dubai, UAE

Once you have decided that you will be proceeding with your activities in this country, the next important thing that you need to understand is the attestation process. Whenever you are moving from some country to Dubai, you have to first get all your documents verified and attested from the UAE embassy in your home country to avoid any conflict. But again when you arrive in the UAE, you have to go through the attestation process once again. 

Step – 1 – First you have to carry your documents to the Dubai Courts Notary Public office along with your original passport and valid ID proof. 

Step – 2 – Next you have to visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and make the required payment depending upon the documents that you are getting attested to. 

Note – This is a general procedure for document attestation. In specific cases such as document attestation for education, business, or anything else, you may have to visit many other offices too such as the Ministry of Education, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and others. 

But if you do not wish to get into such hassles, you can easily get in touch with the professionals of attestation services in Dubai. In such a case, you can follow these convenient steps and get your document attestation done. 

Step – 1 – Get in touch with the attestation professionals to let them know about the documents that you wish to get attested and know the charges that you need to pay for the process. 

Step – 2 – The professionals will get in touch with you and will carefully collect all the required documents that need to be attested. 

Step – 3 – The professionals will get the attestation of the documents done without bothering you about it.

Step – 4 – Finally, when the attestation process is done, the experts will handover back the attested documents to you safely and securely.   

Step – 5 – You just have to provide an acknowledgment that you have received your attested documents from the professionals. 

Which Documents Need Attestation?

Often many people get confused about the documents that require attestation while in Dubai, UAE. 

  • Document Attestation for Education:

Candidates may require documents attestation for the purpose of education in Dubai, UAE. There can be a list of such documents that you will require for your education purpose while in the UAE. Some of the crucial ones are school or college leaving certificates, mark sheets and degree certificates, nursing certificates, transfer certificates, and others. 

  • Documents for Business or Commercial Purpose:

If you wish to set up your business in UAE, then again you have to get several documents attested to avoid issues later on. Origin certificate, incorporation certificate, product reports, invoices, power of attorney, association memorandum, packaging list, and special certificates are the major documents that you need to get attested while you are starting a commercial activity in the UAE. 

  • Document Attestation for Personal Purpose:

There are also some personal documents that you need to get attested to for several reasons such as when you are applying for citizenship in the UAE or you are getting married in the country. In such a case, there are several documents that you need to get attested such as birth certificate, medical certificate, marriage certificate, bonafide certificate, registration certificate, certificate of police clearance, and others. 

The rules and regulations in the UAE are quite strict in comparison to many other countries across the world. Mandatory attestation of the documents depending upon the purpose is one such regulation in the country. It is crucial to get the attestation task done at the earliest so that you do not have to face any kind of trouble while in the country. 

Why Should You Hire a Professional for Document Attestation?

Above in this article, it is already mentioned that one of the prime reasons to get help from a document attestation professional is convenience. So, here are some of the eminent ways how these professionals make document attestation tasks much convenient. 

  • Get Consultation about the Documents:

There are so many times when the individuals are not sure about the documents that need to be attested for specific purposes such as higher education in the UAE or for a business setup. The professionals are in this business for a long time and hence they are aware of the exact documents that you need to provide for attestation. If you need help in which documents you have to get attested, the professionals can help you in this.  

  • Sit Back while the Professionals get the Task Done:

As mentioned earlier in this article, for the purpose of document attestation, you need to visit different offices that may not be accomplished in a single day. Also, it is actually quite a hectic task to run from one location to another with all the documents properly arranged for attestation purposes. In such a case, there is always a chance of errors here and there. The professionals who are indulged in this task of document attestation have been doing this task for years. Hence, they are experienced enough in taking care of all the responsibilities in the perfect manner. So, while the experts are taking care of your document attestation, you can sit back and relax or can focus on some other crucial tasks that you have to finish up.  

  • Pay in Installments:

The professionals understand your concern and they do not take the full amount for the attestation and the service in one go. You can easily make the payment in two installments. You can pay the first installment while placing the order for getting the documents attested. You can make the second half amount payment after you have received the attested documents in your hands.  

  • Much Faster Attestation:

What happens when you are getting the document attestation done all by yourself? You are not aware of the process properly and this ultimately can take up much of your time. If you do not wish to delay in the process of document attestation, one of the best ways is to get in touch with the best document attestation services in Dubai, UAE such as BVS Global. These professionals are experienced in their tasks and thus, your task gets done much faster and efficiently.  

Choosing the Best Attestation Services in Dubai, UAE

Now choosing the right document attestation services in Dubai, UAE can also seem to be a big task. But you can easily come across the best options if you follow these mentioned tips. 

  • Check Services:

While you are searching for document attestation services, look for the services that they offer. When you screen through the services, you can understand a lot of things whether they match your requirements or not. 

  • Go Through Reviews:

Another great idea that you can try out is to go through the reviews from the clients of the service provider online. Going through the reviews and testimonials from old clients will help you in deciding which service provider to go for.

  • Payment Solutions:

This is a crucial point that you should surely check through. There are many service providers who may ask for the whole payment together before they hand you the documents. It is always better to go for companies such as BVS Global that offer you the flexibility to make payments in two installments, one while placing the order and the second, after completion of the task. 

  • Get a Quote to Compare:

Once you have come across 2 or 3 suitable service providers, get a quote from all of them. Getting a quote helps in comparing the service providers in a much fairer way. While comparing the price quotes, also consider the reviews and the facilities offered by the providers to pick the best one. 

Document attestation is a crucial necessity in the UAE. Whether you wish to set up your business or you wish to get settled up in this country, you need to complete this process along with many other procedures. Not just the people coming from other countries, even the residents of the UAE or need to go for document attestation during different situations such as birth, marriage, and others. While the procedure of document attestation may seem confusing and time-consuming, getting help from attestation professionals such as BVS Global is your best bet. You are assured an easy, quick, seamless, and hassle-free attestation services. 


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